How excited this one gets to do her advent calendars every day - first she wants to do the one my Mom made, then Cruz's and then Lego with Dad. She is also loving the Elf again this year. Even Ryder seems like checking out where she is hiding each day and then points to where she has been.

And I almost got frost bite taking off my coat for these photos.

{LookING forward}
I have 5 day left of work. And then I am off for 18 days.

{StockING stuffer idea}

Clover & Wish the sweet shop from Victoria who made Delainey's birthday crown has a huge selections of Christmas hair accessories!
The Lucky Pineapple also has all their Christmas shirt ON SALE!

These energy balls are like cookie dough and when I start, I can't stop eating them. I always switch up the recipe a little and Delainey especially loves them because they always have chocolate chips. :) I dare you to try them.

Miss D and I also made these super-easy peanut butter cookies {recipe on the kraft peanut butter jar} that have 3 ingredients.

Lastly...here's my hair. It looks lighter in this lovely "office selfie" but it's quite dark on top {Amanda did balayage where they paint the dye on so it's gradually lighter on the ends}.

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Bex said...

Your hair (as you always are) is gorgeous! I wish I could curl my hair as nicely as you. Supermodel status!

Those hairbows are cute. All these hair accessories make me want to start my own collection lol

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ahh your hair is gorgeous! (As always though!). Yes, please give us a tutorial on how you curl your hair. And when I'm ready post baby, take me clothes shopping, pretty pretty please? ;) Kthanx.

Yay to 18 days off!! Does Justin take time off over the holidays too?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that advent calendar! A has a NHL Play Mobil one she loves.
LOVE your hair!! Jealous a bit too ;) haha
I need to bake some healthier things these days, running more makes me so hungry and Avery loves her snacks ;)

Leigh said...

Love how your hair turned out! Looks so good!

Jen Linton said...

Love your hair! We forgot to start the advent calendar this year...WOMP

Leslie said...

I just got that Christmas shirt in the mail! I am probably more excited to wear it than I should be Haha

Nikki said...

Love your hair!

Ashley said...

Your hair looks great!!! I just got rid of all my blonde!! I was missing my dark hair!!! Haha
That shirt is too funny!! I forgot about doing an advent calendar with Noah :(