{Five Things Friday}

It's been an uneventful few days around here. Both kids STILL aren't 100% {& I think Justin now has a cold} so again we've been taking it easy. We cancelled all our plans this week so hopeful we are well for the weekend. It's a busy one with a market date, serving dinner with Illume and a hair appointment!


Mom and Dad {& Nana} came over on Monday for a visit and Mom brought Ryder this new ornament beanie she made - it's SO darn cute. I may have a red one and Delainey's is getting one too! :)

I got this  #momlife sweatshirt c/o The Pink Porcupine {from Brooks, AB} in the mail on Tuesday and immediately put it on, it's so soft! I received a few other great pieces I can't wait to share.

My Mom also made this cute bag for Delainey that she is obsessed with to hold all of her treasures. She also thinks the world is most likely going to end if Ryder even thinks about touching it. :) Oh the drama.

Delainey was filling up Cruz's advent calendar and Cruz would not stop staring. Every time Delainey put a treat in she would say "no it's not for you Tuz, you must wait for Santa". 24 times she said this.

I am giving away 2 of my most favorite hair tie bracelets from Canadian shop Arae Jewelry over on my Instagram right now! One for you and one for a friend - they come in 3 colors {silver, gold and rose gold}.

I am 10 days into Core De Force and I am LOVING the change {ppssttt - it's on sale this month}! I definitely have struggled getting into a routine since being back at work part time but tried not to stress about it. I knew I needed something new to get me back into focus. I really love all the workouts, they are all Mixed Martial Arts inspired, really fun and leave me sore. My legs feel like jello today after these workouts and teaching {a hard!} Surf class last night. :) Let me know if you want more info on it. Or want to come Surf with me! Thursdays at 6pm! :)

We bought these Lego Advent Calendars back in September because Justin NEEDED them. Yes Star Wars for him and the Christmas one for Delainey. Delainey was so excited to build her little lego snowman last night. Every time she walked by them yesterday she would say "No Ryda you is too little, these are for Daddy and D. Maybe next year buddy".

Happy weekend!

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Angela Williams said...

Oh my gosh, Delainey is adorable.
I've been dying for a hair-tie bracelet! :)

Leigh said...

Your mom is so talented! Love all of the hats that she makes :) have a great weekend!

Bex said...

LOL at Delainey. Little cutie!
I wanted to get one of those Lego advents for Liam but they were sold out. Guess I should have been on it sooner.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aw love that hat your mom made! She's so talented! Is there anything she can't do?! ;)

LOL at everything Delainey was saying - she is too cute!

Core de Force sounds awesome! I think I will have to revisit home workouts once I'm able too. I definitely want to try the dance one you did a few months ago (country something?)