{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday!
We had a busy yet fun filled weekend and as much as I LOVE planning parties I am relieved they are both over. Our house feels so uncluttered and lovely now and I am ready to fill afternoon nap time with others things. :)
Rewinding back to last week...Monday was Halloween and I worked. One of my co-workers makes a ridiculous cake every year.

Delainey had a little event at preschool where they did a little parade of costumes and sang some songs. I of course died inside a little that I was missing it but thankfully Gramma Debbie and Ma & Pa went and took photos and videos for us. I suspected Delainey would mainly just stand there and look cute and she did exactly that. Participated a few times though. :) You bet I won't miss the Christmas one. 

My group at work dressed up as Camp Counselors. I was the water ski instructor naturally. We all tie dyed our shirts at 8am that morning. :)

We quickly had dinner and took some photos before it was time to go trick or treating. I am so glad Justin convinced me to go with them instead of staying home and handing out candy. We left a bowl of candy on the door step and hit our block.

Off to fight fires our little fireman.

Delainey LOVED Trick or Treating. She couldn't get done at one house fast enough to move on to the next and every house she'd say "we go nother house?" and was so good about saying "tanka you".

Ryder was none too pleased to spend most for the time in the stroller so we carried him up to the houses near the end. I am already SO excited for next year. And we will probably still be eating Halloween candy up until then. ;)

Tuesday I worked so nothing to report there. Wednesday I dropped the kids off with my parents first thing in the morning as I wanted to try out a SurfSet class at another studio just for interest. It was a fun class and totally different from ours so I am glad I went. The studio is mainly all SurfSet and Barre with some TRX classes and they do a lot of combined classes of those 3 which would be interesting.

Thursday Ryder had his 1 year shots so Delainey went to spend the morning with Nana. They took the dogs for a walk and made cookies. After Ry's shots we grabbed groceries and then went over to Nana's for lunch. Delainey had a great morning. 

Walking in the ravine.

Thursday I taught SurfSet and then came home for bedtime. I love that my class time works that I don't miss out on bedtime. While I do stories with D, Ry and Daddy always go play with his bike.

Friday Delainey had preschool so I worked on projects for the party while Ry napped and then we grabbed a few things before picking her up. And we took Cruz for a nice sunny walk in the other ravine near preschool.

Friday night Delainey went to Ma & Pa's for a sleepover - she's been asking for one so she was very excited. That left us with this cutie so we decided to run down the hill for dinner. He was loving my sweet potato fries and our lemon water with a straw even though he really wanted Justin's beer. ;)

Saturday was clean the house and party time! Full post tomorrow. :)

Sunday Justin went for a ride with Brian so we cleaned up, played with new toys and played outside in the morning until naps.

These fun Nintendo leggings are from Buck & Doe - made in Brooks and Spruce Grove, Alberta
Use code OURLIFEANDTIMES10 for 10% off your order!

Ryder decided on Saturday that walking is the cool thing to do and now he rarely crawls.

After naps we headed down to the river for a walk before dinner. It was too nice of a night to pass it up and the kids loved throwing rocks and exploring. Cruz was also pumped to go for a swim.

All shirts are Live Love North, Kids pants are Simply Love YYC and Hats are Matante Ge - all Canadian shops!
And you can use code WINTER for 20% at Simply Love YYC. :)

Justin BBQd us a delicious dinner and we all crashed into bed. :)

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Stacy said...

Love the kids costumes!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your costume and the kids costumes were awesome!! Looks like you guys have had similar weather to us. This is the nicest November I can remember! I can't believe how big Ryder looks. I love his rosy red cheeks! And that picture of them in their matching hats is so cute!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The kids looked so cute on Halloween! It was so much fun this year! I can't believe this weather we've been having, so nice!
How many classes do you teach a week?

Leigh said...

You guys had a great week/weekend! You planned another excellent party :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha you're Halloween costume was awesome!! You should have worn it for trick-or-treating ;) Love Miss D in her costume, and of course I'm a big fan of the firefighter one ;)

Ashley said...

Those leggings are soo cute!!! I agree trick or treating is soo much fun at this age!! Love the costumes!! Surf set is not even offered around here - that I have heard of! Can't wait to read about the party!!