{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday. I wish I could say we had a fun adventure filled weekend - although we did have lots of fun it was also full of sick kids. I thought they were on the mend and then yesterday both woke up with a nasty cough. So we've been doing a lot of hibernating, wiping noses, cuddling and let's be honest - whining.

Wednesday and Thursday we pretty much stayed home and played with every toy we own {we also pulled out all the baby toys and created a giant bin to head over to Jeff and Jolie's for future MacPhee babies}. :)

I did sneak out Wednesday night for a Surf class!

These two have so much fun just playing in Ryder's crib together. They are so funny. So I took a million photos because that's my job. :)

Man I love them.

Friday morning we decorated the house for Christmas. Delainey was so cute asking me where everything went and helped me put everything up. And Ryder did the opposite so D spend most of her time scolding Ryder and putting things back. ha
We did venture out for a few groceries after Ryder's nap and picked up a few items for our adopted family. I was pretty proud of Delainey - she picked out some Lego, a Leap Pad and a Barbie. When we were getting groceries she asked if we could buy them some groceries too. :)

We wrote a letter to Santa and drew a few pictures for him and D was SO excited to mail the letter. She has been talking for days about going to see him - fingers crossed she still thinks it's a good idea when we get there!

I let them run a few minutes in the ravine as it was such a nice afternoon. Ryder was PUMPED - Delainey decided to stay put under their blankets in the stroller!

Except he always wants to sit and pull out grass.

Moccs: Posh Panda, Ryder Raglan: Pirates & Peonies, Harem Pants & Beanie: Cooper & Fudger {the beanie is reversible so also matches his pants!}

Friday night we watched War Dogs - it actually was better than I thought it would be.

Saturday Justin was out helping Brian & Leigh move so we had a lazy morning at home. I had hoped to go to the Little Modern Market with the kids but with them not being 100% well I decided against it especially since I wanted them to nap before Nixon's party that afternoon.

After they both didn't nap at all {awesome} we headed over for Nixon's 4th Star Wars Party. Crystal did an awesome job as usual for the party. She loves details as much as I do.

Ryder was obsessed with his light saber and had lots of fun walking around with it and hitting balloons {and a few people}. Delainey on the other hand spent most of the party in Emerson's room playing with her doll house.

Saturday night Justin and I set up both trees so they were ready to decorate the next day.

Sunday the kids were not feeling very well so we took it easy {AGAIN!}
Justin ran a few errands in the morning for us while we worked out and went through toys in the basement {aka the kids played and I organized!}

During nap time I got our Christmas cards ready and prepped outfits for the week. 

After naps we decorated the downstairs tree with the kids. Ryder was not feeling so hot so it started out a disaster but he came around and both kids loved it. Delainey was so excited and so cute showing Ryder exactly how to hang each ornament. SO FAR the tree is still standing. I was a little worried with "Wrecking Ball Ryder" a permanent resident of our house but thankfully he is a really good listener and has yet to touch the tree. He does think many of my Christmas decorations are his new BFFs and wants to walk around hugging my decorative snowmen. ;)

 "Kinda" Matching Jammie The Children's Place

Fingers crossed these poor kiddos can kick their colds because I am so ready for them to feel better and get out of the house with them!!

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Stacy said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend. Did you cut Ryder's hair? It doesn't seem as long, or maybe not growing as much.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh man I hope they feel better! We have avoided any illness so far except for a cold I had in Sept. But once dayhome starts I am sure so will the colds!
Wrecking Ball Ryder! haha. That is Chloe, you would think she is a boy - she is a terror these days.
Christmas is going to be so fun this year with the girls now that they get it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Poor kiddos!! They sure look happy in all the pictures but those rosy cheeks are giveaways :(

I'm getting excited to decorate the house now! I might even put up our fake tree in the bonus room but that means I have to buy some decorations... maybe I can finally have a themed tree!

Nixon's party looked amazing!!

I wanted to go to that market too but... potty training.

I have to check out Children's Place for the matching Pjs! They look so cute!

Gabriella said...

I hope Miss D and Ryder are feeling better! The pictures of them in the matching pjs decorating the tree are so precious! Your family and their party planning skills amaze me. What a great party for Nixon!

Nikki said...

Awe hope the kids are feeling better! Love the photos!