{week + end rewind}

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Both kids have a stuffy/sneezy/runny nose so we took it pretty easy.
Rewinding back this week...
I was off on Monday which was a real treat. Delainey had preschool so we didn't get up to too much but it's always nice for a bit of one of one time with Ryder and of course more time at home with my 3.

He was so confused my this. We kept looking at it and pointing and looking up at me. It was pretty funny.

Afternoon walks. He got a hair cut that evening, he clearly needed it!

Tuesday I worked and then Wednesday we went to the indoor playground by us {probably where the colds came from!}. Ryder had a blast except he didn't like it when Delainey got way ahead of him. He would point to her and scream! Delainey went a mile a minute the whole time.

Still loving his birthday balloon. 

Both kids love coloring. Ryder has learned how to take the market lids off though so we can't keep anything at the easel anymore because he has proven he cannot be trusted with markers or crayons. He thought his face and the couch needed some extra color!!

I need to get better photos but the kids got these new 'sorta' matching hoodies from Northern Anchor Co in Lethbridge and we just love them. They are so cozy and great for layering over a long sleeve. 

Thursday we met up with Nicole, Audrey & Leo for a trip to the zoo. It was chilly but the sun was out and we mainly hit up the indoor exhibits. No one complained and everyone had a great time.

 Ryder loved the freedom once we got into the gardens.

 Batman leggings Auntie Tal's 

Boys loving snack time!

Mom and Dad came for a visit after naps so that too was a highlight of the kids week.

Breakfast boy.

Waiting for the preschool doors to open!

These harem pants came from a new little shop called Cooper and Fudger in Edmonton. It's run by a Mother and Daughter duo who are actually friend of a friend of mine! She sent a little reversible beanie to match too which is very cute, more photos to come that means! :)

They have some great prints for boys {I love the trucks but they have the awesome batman print Ryder's crib sheet it made of!} and girls {beautiful florals}. Be sure to check them out!

 Moccs Posh Panda, Top {was Delainey's!} Honey Bee True Co

This weekend I hardly took any photos of our boogery beans! 
On Saturday Dad, Nana, Jolie and Jeff came for dinner. {Mom is in Mexico on a little girls long weekend}
Jeff was able to leave work briefly and drive in from Edmonton so that was treat to have him join us. Justin BBQd a roast and we had a great visit. Jeff and Jolie stayed far past our usual bedtime and cabbed it home but we had a really fun night.

Both Saturday and Sunday morning Ryder slept until 8! So we had Delainey curled up between us in bed with the ipad both mornings which was really nice.

Sunday morning I headed to Crystal's for her Usborne book party. I ordered the kids some books I am pretty excited about so that was a success {except Delainey wondered where her books were when I got home!}

I left again right after lunch to join a few of the Blog Squad girls for a POUND class at Oranj in Airdrie. More about this later this week!

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Bex said...

It was so great seeing you yesterday! I wish we could have had a longer visit.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

One day work week for the win!

Too bad the kids caught colds :( Darn germs! Hope they don't share with you!

Uh-oh markers and crayons getting into the wrong hands! Leo still can't be trusted with them. He stamped the wall the other day.

I love those pants of Ry's! And the matching hoodies are so cute!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I wish we lived in Calgary so we could go to the zoo more!
I have been looking at those book parties, those are some of our favourite books.
I love harem pants, C is so skinny so she needs ones with the tight ankle so if they are long it does not matter.

Jen Linton said...

We need to use our zoo membership passes more- I keep forgetting to go!

Ugh markers on the couch?! Cringe

Leigh said...

What play place did you go to? My friend was telling me about a new one that is in the NE and is apparently HUGE and not super expensive either. I forget the name of it though. Poor kids :( Amelia is fighting a cold now too. Hope they feel better soon!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Boo to colds! I think Sully is coming down with one too (his first in forever it seems). Those play places have got to be walking petri dishes of germs though. I always think the same thing at gymnastic class (do you think they ever actually wipe down ANY equipment at gymnastics class?? ew). Oh well, I'll take a cold over a gastro bug any day, haha!

Ryder's new haircut is SOOOOO cute. I just want to eat him up!