{week + end rewind}

This long weekend was pretty darn fantastic. Let's rewind back shall we..
After work on Wednesday we did our usual walk but it's been so nice to have this mild weather so our new walker can enjoy the freedom. Safe to say he loves it.

And Delainey has been riding her bike the whole way through the ravine too.

Thursday we were meeting up with Brie & Sully in the late morning so we went and got groceries first hing and still had time to kill so we stopped in real quick to say hi to Daddy on our way. Delainey likes the elevators! :)

We met Brie & Sully at St. Patrick's Island and even though the wind was much cooler down there than on our morning walk at home everyone had a great time.

Ryder loved this slide as he could do down all on his own!

Throwing rocks was probably the favorite part of the morning for all the kids.

Ryder throws rocks but he throws them over his head. Working on that. ;)

My two was definitely tired on the drive home and Brie and I had a nice visit so a successful and fun morning for sure.

That afternoon Ma & Pa joined us for our afternoon walk in the ravine and Delainey showed them her bike skills!

That evening I went to a Hot Happy Core class and it was sweaty and a good ab burn for sure!
Friday morning was a gorgeous sun rise.

For Remembrance Day we headed out to the mountains with Mom, Dad, Jeff & Jolie for a hike and hot dog roast lunch. It was such a nice day and then sun even came out making it really warm when we got to the top!

Delainey was excited that Pa's "traveling Tigger" showed up on the hike.

We took turns playing hide & seek with Delainey in the woods and she had a blast. Even Tigger played hide & seek and almost didn't get found!!

 Our tops are Live Love North and these are my new amazing leggings from Kristina Benson Art {she has a beautiful new website check it out}!

The kids napped on the way home so when we got home I gave them a bath before we shipped them off to Ma & Pa's for the night - including Cruz! Ryder's first sleepover and he did great!
Justin and I headed over to the mall {MAD HOUSE!} to get some Christmas shopping done and after far too many years and nursing 2 kids got re-fitted and replaced all my bras.
We had plans to get downtown for dinner but we were both starving and didn't want to go back home to change so we just hit up the pub in mall and then stopped at the watering hole on the way home for another drink and mud pie because we could!! Justin's idea - smart guy. ;)

In the morning we both slept until 7am which is a sleep in for us {such a treat!}. Justin brought me coffee in bed as he left to go riding with Brian. I watched a show in bed and then decided to be productive and cleaned out my closet and a few drawers before going up to my parents for lunch with Nana. We had a great lunch and visit and the kids had a blast on their sleepover.

Once Justin got home from his ride we took Cruz for a walk and he BBQ'd ribs for dinner.

I have a bubble gum machine that hasn't been used in years so the gum is like rocks - so we decided to play with it and Delainey {& Ryder} have had SO much fun with it. Sorting and moving it from one truck to the next. Ryder put one in his mouth once and hasn't since.

Sunday morning I went to Surf class and then we headed down south. Justin wanted to take Delainey to the new Mountain Bike Skills Park in Fish Creek. As we drove up and I saw the big kids on the trails I thought for sure this would be a flop and Delainey wouldn't go around. But as always, she surprised us. The paths are marked by color as to how difficult they are so we stuck to the easy green ones. She was cautious he first time around, walking down on her bike a few of the steep hills but by the finish line she was already asking to go again.

She probably went around 10 times and by the end we were running to keep up with her. She was easily the smallest there and not the most timid for sure. We were so proud of her and she is already wanting to go back. Next time Justin will take his bike so they can ride together and I know there are some other paths she will love that look really fun.

Ryder just watching and playing in the dirt. Typical.

{photo overload!}

We made a quick stop at Ikea for lunch afterwards & to get Delainey a "big girl chair" for the table as she is getting too big for her high chair. She is pretty excited about it and it's very cute.

After naps we headed out front so Justin could put up Christmas lights and soon we had all the neighborhood kids over doing chalk. Both kids loved it. One of the older girls just loved Ryder and carried him here and there and helped him color. Ryder just couldn't get over the fact Justin was on the roof and kept pointing to him and saying "wooooowwwww" - it was pretty cute.

 More sorting while Justin BBQd home made burgers for dinner.

And just like that it was bedtime and the end to an awesome weekend.

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Bex said...

I LOVE that miss D did so good at the bike park! I bet she's going to grow into a badass biker babe ;-)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

D did so good on her bike!! I'm impressed you kept her in a highchair this long, I'm going to try and keep Chloe in longer. A didn't go in after a year and never wanted a booster seat which makes meals trying.
Avery loves pom pom sorting in muffin tins, it's amazing the things they like.
7am is sleeping in at our house too! Most mornings I sleep until close to 7 since Chad gets up with Chloe :)

Sawalter said...

Sounds like a good weekend! My hubby can't wait to take our guy to that bike park! What kind of packs do you use to carry the kids on your hikes?

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a busy weekend!! So glad we got out to see you guys. But man, I feel lazy seeing how much you did BEFORE you even met up with us! Haha!! You are so productive! Miss D is amazing on her bike! So cute and you guys must be so proud. She'll be riding laps around the older kids in no time. We, on the other hand, can't even get Sully to go out on his bike lol. Guess he's just not ready this year ;)