{week + end rewind}

Last week was my long work week and by long I mean 3 days. And yes I am so so thankful. So that means Monday - Wednesday we don't have much to report on.
Thursday the kids and I had our yearly check ups so we dropped Lily off at school and then headed to see the doctor. Both kids are healthy and growing as they should. Ryder is 18lbs and Delainey is 28lbs both tiny but perfect.
After that we headed to the airplane park to kill time before picking up Lily at lunch. They had enough after about an hour so I was asking D what we should do for 15 minutes before it was time to get Lily, I said we could find a new park, go for a walk and she pipped in and said "we could go get Mommy a coffee?!" She's pretty much my favorite.

Ry has been doing a lot more walking which turns into running and it's so so cute. As is this hat my Mom made him!

She would climb to the top of the big slide solo but not go down. So we went down with both kids on my lap about 20 times. I deserved that Starbucks.

That afternoon we made cupcakes and decorated them for Ryder's birthday. She got up from her "no nap" wearing the hat.

Afternoon walks and exploring because it was so nice out.

My cuddle buddy after I taught my Surf class and J was out and Lily hit the sack early.

I pretty much recapped Friday yesterday. :)

Saturday Justin went for his ride with Brian and we pretty much just hung out with Lily, played, went for a walk and had lunch. Everyone attempted to have a nap - Lily was the only successful one and then it was time for her to get picked up.

^ Necklaces c/o Grace and Parker - local shop!

Once Justin got home we ran to the mall quickly to grab a gift for Ryder {yes a day late} and Nixon and Justin actually found a few new shirts. We made a dessert for Family dinner when we got home and got our 2 nap fighters to bed early.

Sunday we didn't do much. Delainey and Justin went out to do a few errands together while Ryder napped and I did a few birthday party items that Delainey couldn't help with.
That afternoon I taught a SurfSet 101 class to celebrate Illume Hot Yoga turning 1! My new leggings from Kristina Benson Art. They are so bright and pretty.

While I was gone Justin took the kids and Cruz for a run so I raced home so he could shower. I got changed and then we headed to Jeff and Jolie's for family dinner to celebrate Nana's belated birthday.

Twinning with my girl.

Mom brought stuff for Delainey to make a ghost craft. She made 2.

Jeff & Jolie made Ryder this activity board for his birthday and both of the kids just love it! It's so awesome and kept him busy for a long time. They were both thrilled to see it came home with us. So lucky.

They made homemade pizza and wings in their backyard pizza oven {SO cool} and it was delicious! It's such a good feature to their new house.

We had a great dinner and time with the fam.

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Bex said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Love your new leggings!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Smart D knowing you needed coffee:)
An outdoor pizza oven sounds amazing!! So cool!

Nikki said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Can't believe Ry is 1 already!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

D is a smart cookie!! Mama always needs coffee!

I'm so envious you can workout and your hair still looks like that!!!

Leslie said...

A backyard pizza oven is pretty much the perfect thing! So fabulous.

Ashley said...

That pizza oven is amazing!!! We just found a new park to check out soon! Sounds like a fun weekend! Are you doing his party next weekend?