Happy Thursday. I was home yesterday with my two snuffly, sick kiddos. I think they are a bit better today so hopefully they feel much better soon. It's awful seeing them sick and not being able to do much for them.

This outfit Delainey wore most of the day yesterday. Pretty much the epitome of fashion.


If anyone else has tried the Starbucks order ahead? 
It's pretty amazing. We ordered as we left the house {Justin's idea!} on my app that I have loaded with my gift cards. I walked in as they were calling my name - I grabbed my coffee and left! The place was packed and I most definitely got some ugly looks from others waiting for their order and I most definitely left with a goofy grin on my face. 
Flat White's are my to go drink so I am SO excited to try this:

To do some Christmas shopping tomorrow {as long as my kids are healthy}! Whit always organizes an adopted family for us to shop for instead of us exchanging gifts {from Inn From the Cold} and we just got our profile for our family and what they need. 
Plus for our staff party with Illume we are serving dinner to the seniors in the Seniors Home in our community and adopting some seniors and getting them some gifts too. Along with getting some items crossed off the list for my loved ones too of course.

Look at my two little monkey's 1 year ago!

And our Miss D 2 years ago. GAH! You bet I will be recreating these with Ryder since he has this exact outfit in his closet right now - minute the polka dot bow moccs. :)

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Leigh said...

That's a pretty sweet outfit Miss D!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Boo to the kids being sick :(

There are so many people in need. I'm much rather Shop for people who actually need things than those of us that have everything. We adopt a family through work as well.

D looks like how Audrey usually dresses most days with 9 clips in her hair and a tutu! I love that photo of D from a coupe years ago- can't wait to see Ry's re- creation of the outfit!

Sarah Walter said...

Aw I love the Starbucks order ahead. Lets me walk with the dog to get a beverage and I don't feel guilty leaving him outside long bc my drink is ready when I arrive. Never had a flat white!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I love flat whites too! I had the spiced ones last year, but haven't had one yet this season. I've never done the order ahead though - the Starbucks in our neighbourhood is never busy.

Ahhhh baby D is so tiny and cute!! Can't wait to see you recreate those photos with Ryder :)

we adopted a senior this year through Jim's work and it was fun shopping for that!

Gabriella said...

I use order ahead all the time. It is the best. I order it as the train is pulling into SF, and then grab in on my way into work. NO LINES! Brilliant idea! Oh I can't wait to see the picture recreated with Ryder. Your babies are so cute!!