Happy Thursday. Well November showed up along with the snow. I suppose we can't complain at all, plus it's still not bitterly cold {unless you ask Delainey}. ;)

How this was one year ago...

Ryder is pretty much always rocking his Posh Panda moccs - they are perfect even more so now that he is walking. He took his first steps in them too - and a billion since! 

Use code RYDER for 10% off all purchases and your last chance to order to guarantee their arrival by Christmas is November 22nd! They make the best gift and come from Lethbridge, AB!

Our matching mats from Quebec shop Matante Ge. Genevieve is the sweetest shop owner I featured when Delainey was just a little munchkin.
Look a that baby face:

Now that Ryder grew into Delainey's hat, Genevieve sent Delainey a new one so she could still match with us. 

She sent some other goodies for the kids I will share soon too - here is a sneak peek:

Thank you again Genevieve!!

I am sad about it but I cancelled my Frock Box for now. After my last box which I loved I was very hopeful and requested fall dresses for work in my next box.
I received a sweater, a pencil skirt, this reindeer raglan, a hoodie {that I do love and I am currently wearing} and this dress {that they ALREADY sent me 2 boxes ago and I BOUGHT!} Womp womp.  Kinda silly. Not that they can please every one all the time but this was definitely a flop. I do love the service, think it's an awesome idea and I know they are still just small so I hope to try it again in the future as I do love the pieces I have kept and enjoy supporting Canadian shops.

Doctor Ryder just calling in a prescription. :)

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Loveeee the matching hats!!! And all the other matching outfits.

Boo Frock Box :( So sad.

Mocs are the best. Ry is such a good model!

Ashley said...

That reindeer shirt is cute!!! Love the hats!! I haven't quite gotten into the whole matching of the kiddos yet!! Lol I'm still having fun dressing and accesorizing a little girl!!! Haha

Bex said...

I love those toques. I just got a new winter jacket and want a new black toque to match.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Love your matching toques!! Too bad about the frock box, but makes sense. Although I really love that reindeer shirt!