You guys, I am so excited to have 5 day at home with my family, this week seemed long, I missed my people! Plus Justin is off for 3 which makes it even better. Now if this weather just wants to stick around {and the wind wants to go away} - hello perfection - plus we have hardly any plans which sounds amazing.


These new sweatshirts the kids received from My Little Pistachio.

This is a husband and wife run shop from Edmonton, Alberta - they have such a passion for their brand that just oozes out of them when you talk to them and read their website.
Pistachio means "happy fruit" in Chinese and their dream is to bring joy, a smile and encouragement through their hand drawn designs and meaningful stories they write about each piece. When I showed Delainey both shirts she got a big smile on her face and thought it was "so cool" that the umbrella and mountains had faces and were happy!

Ryder is wearing their My Little Umbrella sweatshirt {in a 2T with the sleeves rolled under!} This design comes with a sweet little story to remind our kids to appreciate the simple things, the big things and the little things in life. And sometimes we just need to jump in puddles and sing in the rain!

Delainey is wearing their My Little Mountain sweatshirt in a 4T. With this design they want to encourage our kids to enjoy every adventure big or small and to appreciate the journey of life no matter where is takes them.

We love these sweatshirts; they are "nice and cozy" as Delainey says and go with anything. Plus I think they are extra special because of the thoughtful meaning and story behind both deigns.
Make sure you check them out on Facebook & Instagram as well.

I seriously love that Delainey comes home from preschool with a craft everyday.
She is always so excited to show us and they are often linked to a song they sang so it gets her singing which we especially love.

I typically forget to take an outfit photo and sometimes even when I do they are awfully lit, my tank top is flipped up and it's incredibly windy. Meh. I try.

This was a project I made this summer from a window that came out of an old cabin that was getting torn down at the lake. My Dad salvaged it for me and Delainey and I got to work sanding!
I then painted it white and then used crackle paint on it to give it that distressed look. I finished it off by sanding it again to age it some more.

We want to switch out a few photos already as they are just too zoomed it but I really love it.

Have a great Remembrance Day long weekend! xo

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Bex said...

I really like your first outfit a lot!
Delainey's crafts are so cute

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love your outfits, especially that striped bolero top! So cute! And I love the sweatshirts you got for your kids and the stories behind them! What a cool company! Enjoy your long weekend!!!