{Ryder: ONE}

There's a Ryder theme going on lately I know. :) I'm ok with it and this is the last one - for now. 
On to this busy boys 12 month recap - only a few days late of course!

{Height & Weight}
29 inches & 18lbs

He's in size 3 Kirkland brand diapers and a mix of 6-12 & 12-18 month pants. I'm now pulling out his 3-6 month t-shirts as they are getting short. ;) So 6-18m onesies and tops. I much prefer shirts to onesies with him.

{Feeding & Eating}
I am still nursing him before naps when we are home and before bed.
He is a champ at eating all food. Having teeth is a great thing and he loves to take big bites of things. He eats everything we do and loves meal time.

Climbing and exploring {getting dirty and playing with nature}
Walking and crawling very fast - I love how he puts his head down when when he wants to go fast when crawling
He gets SO happy now to get out of the stroller and walk in the ravine - I hope it never gets cold!
Being chased
Playing with Delainey
Being up in my arms
Playing at the park
Toys and going through the kitchen cupboards and any drawers.
Bath time with Delainey
Eating and snacks
When Justin runs around the house with him & playing with Justin's bike

Being tired
When Delainey won't give up her toy, she steals his toy or won't let him play with her
Having his bum changed or getting dressed
Not getting to get out of the stroller in the ravine 
Taking a tumble but he is so tough
Being hungry

2 naps a day for 1-2 hours most days. When his teeth are bugging him he often struggles with naps and he's been waking up in the night briefly and crying the last few weeks .
Goes to bed between 6:45-7:15pm and we usually wake him in the morning when Delainey gets up/Justin or both of us leave for work. Unless it's the weekend we try & let him sleep in and then he may sleep until 7:30am if we are lucky.

{What's New}
He has his 4 top teeth, 2 at the bottom and we have seen others but they disappear those stinkin' things.
Still loves having his teeth brushed and sits like a pro for hair cuts.
We have a walker. 
He spends 2-3 days a week with Gramma Debbie {& Delainey} while I am working and has transitioned really well. He naps really well for her too.

There we have it - our baby is ONE.

 Thank you Whit for these beautiful photos of our little monkey.

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Bex said...

Such a handsome little guy! He's really looking more grown up these days! Losing that baby look!

Ashley said...

Crazy how similar, yet different they look!! I can't believe he is 1 already!!! I'm pretty sure Emilya will be 18lbs and 29 inches by next month haha. He is such a cutie!!

Geneviève Désy said...

So adorable!! He looks like a little explorer :D

Leigh said...

The year flew by so fast, can't believe he is one already! I still can't get over how well he motors around now :)