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Sunday afternoon a few of us from the Blog Squad were treated to a very unique and fun POUND class at a beautiful new studio in Airdrie called Oranj Fitness.
Walking in immediately you notice how bright and beautiful the space is. They really did a wonderful job of decorating. They also have an incredible selection of fitness clothing you can purchase including brands such as Lululemon, Inner Fire & Lorna Jane along with some every day wear and the some gorgeous holiday dresses.

All of their rooms are named after influential movers and shakers. Their women's change room "Princess Diana" is stunning and has everything you could think of - including a chandelier in every bathroom stall and heated floors.
They have sweat & bath towels for use, full showers with salon grade shampoo and conditioner in each, hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons for post work. There are little baskets full of items such as make up remover, hair & hygiene products, etc.
They offer complimentary locked lockers and bags for your sweaty clothes as well.

Once we got settled we were introduced to our instructor Cheryl and given our lightly weighted POUND drum sticks. Before we knew it the lights were off, the strobe light and black lights were on and we were getting hooked up with some glow bracelets.
Obviously this class was going to be a ton of fun!

The music was very beat based, perfectly chosen for each interval set and I kept thinking it was Justin's kind of music {think ACDC}. It hardly felt like we were working out really, it was a very fun party like vibe! 

POUND is basically a full-body cardio jam session. It combines cardio moves with strength training and drumming! The moves were easy to follow and Cheryl made sure we knew it was ok not to be exactly on beat with her.

I had no idea what to expect from this class at all! Imagine squatting down far enough so you could drum on the floor in front of you and beside you and then jumping up to smack the sticks together overhead.

{photo found on google images}

Or being in a seated C-curve position twisting side to side to drum the floor beside you. The hardest was to hold the bridge position {above right photo} for the entire song track while pounding the drum stick and lowering or twisting your hips. Talk about butt burner!!

What I liked about the class was that the sticks really distracted you from the fact that you were doing a tons of reps. And the sticks really force you to squat or lunge much deeper in order to effectively pound the floor with them and I definitely felt it the next day.

One thing that would be cool about the sticks {and kick class up a notch} would be if they were a bit more weighted or there were different colors based on weigh so you could choose them like you would a dumb bell. :) Just a thought I had.

Becky, Jen, Cheryl our awesome {& ripped} instructor, Nicole & myself

One huge highlight of Oranj Fitness is they offer FREE childcare with all Unlimited Passes. This would be a huge motivating factor to join this gym for me for sure.

They sent us off with this cute orange attached to their brochure that includes their schedule of classes which is extensive. They offer over 90 classes a week and such a variety - TRX, Circuit classes, Kick Boxing, Heated Barre & Yoga!

Thanks for organizing Jen and again a huge thanks for the awesome workout Oranj Fitness Airdrie!

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Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

So fun!! After reading this, I know for sure I wouldn't have been able to participate, but I definitely want to try a class after baby! What a gorgeous studio - wish they'd open one in Calgary! (South side of course ;))

Bex said...

I didn't even realize the sticks were weighted haha. it would be cool if you could choose different weights but holy smokes, i don't think i would have needed it based on two days of sore glutes!

Gabriella said...

This looks so fun! It is always fun to try new workouts, and switch things up! If my shoulder would ever get better, I would love to try something like this.