{Bath time with Munchkin + giveaway}


I am not too sure who is more excited about this partnership I have with Munchkin - myself or the kids. I love that we get to share quality and unique products designed to make parents lives easier and more enjoyable. And they love the new and super fun toys and goodies.

Delainey was pumped to open up the boxes that arrived from Munchkin especially when she realized it was all bath toys!
  Every set has been a huge hit and Delainey makes sure to show Ryder how to use everything and then proceeds to hoard all the toys. ;) Good thing each set comes with a more than 1 of everything because bath time becomes a big lesson in sharing every single time.

The cutest was when Delainey thought the bath kneeler was meant to be a tea party table! As much as I wanted it for my comfort, it really did make the perfect floating table and I couldn't say no! And I no longer have a bath kneeler. :)

The bath kneeler is nice and cushioned though to support the adults legs and knees during bath time. It also has a handle on the back so it can be easily hung for drying.

The kids love bath time {other than the dreaded hair washing chore} so it's so fun to have toys that not onyl are fun but make them think and can play together.

The cupcakes are SO cute and a real hit with our cupcake lover. Ryder really loves them too as they the perfect size for his little hands. Plus they float and my favorite part is they squirt! :) 

The kids have had so much fun with all the new toys but I would say especially the tea set. Ryder is really starting to watch what Delainey is doing so he pours water into the cups and eats the cupcakes just like her.

We have a lot of fun with the Bath Letters too. Delainey is really interested in what things say so she always asks me to make words and get excited when she finds the D! We are working on the other letters. :)

Munchkin products are so incredibly reasonably priced considering the amazing quality. They are available to purchase at Walmart, ToysRus, Amazon and many more retailers as well as online.

Be sure to pop over to my Instagram @ourlifeandtimes for a really great giveaway from Munchkin worth over $100 that includes the following items:
Bath Fun Bubble Blower

Thank you Munchkin for the kids bath goodies and this awesome giveaway!

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Bex said...

We could really use a bath toy upgrade so I'm really really hoping I win this lol

Leigh said...

Why do kids hate having their hair washed so badly? I'd be down for it if someone always offered to do it and scratch my head in the process for me :) Haha

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

LOL @ Leigh's comment!! So true! These photos of them in the tub together are so cute. Makes me excited for two kids :)

Ashley said...

Soo much fun!!! I need bath toys!! Noah had a few squirters and that's it! I need to figure out how to clean them, because I keep throwing them out!!!