{week + end rewind}


Well I survived my first week back and yes it was only 2 days which was plenty long enough thank you! Not much has changed in my position so it was a really easy transition back into it and the kids did pretty darn good for Debbie too so all round a success.

Delainey was emotional at home all week and told me multiple times she doesn't like me going to work and wanted to cuddle A LOT but I know she too will get into routine.

Wednesday Whit and the kids came over for a play date which was awesome. All 4 kids played so well together and were so happy. Whit and I could just sit back and enjoy our coffee and chat. It was amazing.

Thursday we needed to get some groceries but getting out of the house was a feat. Delainey was in a real mood and poor thing just couldn't keep it together. Once we finally got our walk done and to the store she was thankfully much happier.

Giant donuts help. They should make just donut toppers because let's be honest - the donut part really doesn't get eaten. Unless we give Ryder some.

After lunch Lily got dropped off. She is with us until Saturday and Delainey is one happy girl.

My troop Friday morning after our walk and to get Delainey to preschool. Lily is staying home on Fridays as a treat. So we ran some errands while D was at preschool and then played outside while we waited.

After naps it was such a nice day that we took out walk to Bowness Park. The kids threw rocks and played in the leaves while Cruz swan her heart out.

Showing me the rock he wants to eat.

We played at the park too, this one is the best for Ryder. I just needed an extra set of eyes.

And oh the leaves! With living in a newer community we lack these big tree and piles of leaves. The kids had a blast! I promised we'd go back soon because I had to drag them away!

While I make dinner...

Ry just loves Lily too. He's watching her intently and climbing all over her. Thank goodness for her patience with them.

Saturday morning Justin headed out for his bike ride with Brian. We hung out at home in the morning and then we over to Jolie's to have brunch with her and my cousins Ashley {her cute bump!} and Amanda.

Afternoon walks in the sunshine. It was an incredibly beautiful fall weekend. My favorite.

Saturday night Justin and I watched Bad Moms.
Sunday morning we headed out to the Corn Maze. I sat between my two napping babes and D held my hand the whole time. J snapped this photo. 

We got the Corn Maze right when it opened so we definitely beat the crazy crowds even though it was still busy and wee bit chilly to begin with.

Everyone had so much fun and the sun came out so it was a perfect day.

Last year at the corn maze my belly was as big as some of these pumpkins and now our little man will be ONE in 4 days!

After some of the children napped we headed out to the park and for our walk before painting some pumpkins, having dinner {& popscicles} and watching some of Hotel Transylvania 2 with Lily. If you spend 5 minutes with Lily you will know she LOVES Halloween and LOVES Mavis from this movie. She is Mavis. :)

Justin also tried out his new bike light on a dark bike ride.

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Bex said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. I have yet to make it to our corn maze and it looks like I probably won't before it closes for the season which is a total bummer.

Glad your return to work was relatively easy. Hopefully it won't be too long for D to adjust! Poor little thing.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What corn maze did you go to? Looks awesome! I wanted to get back to another one here but we never did.
Glad week one went good, it will only get easier now! I am hoping Chloe adjusts well she is kinda a Mommy's girl, whereas Avery asks me daily to go back to work - thanks kid ;)
I hear you on the donuts! I joked for A's party I just need the top of cupcakes ;) Silly girls!

Angela Williams said...

Oh my goodness, Ryder is getting so big!
Your week/end sounds so lovely and busy :)

How did you like Bad Moms? I've heard it's hilarious.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a fun/busy week/end! So glad your first week back to work went well! We never made it to the corn maze this year (this was the last weekend for it, right?) and I'm sad we didn't. Sully would love those slides! What did J think of Bad Moms?! Did he laugh as hard as we did? ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Congrats on having your first week back at work behind you. Hopefully Delainey starts to adjust. Change is hard, especially for little ones! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend, though. The corn maze looks so fun, especially the slides!! It's great that Lily is staying with you guys for a bit as hopefully that's a positive distraction for Miss D.

Amber said...

What a busy weekend!! That's great your first week back at work is behind you! Are you continuing with only working 2 days a week?? That will be nice to be able to work part-time! You guys look like you're having such nice weather. It is nasty up here right now, I miss the sunshine!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Poor D having a rough adjustment to you back to work :( Yay for Lily coming to hangout!!

I always forget about the corn maze until it's too late!!