{week +end rewind}

Well we've gone from tank tops to snowsuits this week - hello Calgary weather! 
The week started off with beautiful weather.
Monday was preschool, beautiful ravine walks, backyard plays and Gramma came for dinner so Justin could do an oil change for her.

3 year photo with her yearly photo.

Tuesday. I don't even remember what we did... This one gave me some sweet cuddles after waking up like a bear.

And then played hair dresser with Ry. He loved it. ha

Wednesday was a chilly day. Ryder's face says it all. After Delainey's nap she went and had a date with Ma & Pa playing at their place, making cookies and dinner with them. I taught a Surf Set class that night.

He hasn't quite figured out how to color on the easel. But he loves it!

Thursday we met up with Julia and Hayden for a zoo date. The weather was crisp but the sun was shining. I feel like every where we turned something was closed for construction though and we saw very few animals so that was disappointing.

Totally nailed the group shot of the kids! ha

 After naps we headed up to my parents as GG and 2 of her friends we there on a long layover on their way home from holidays. It was so nice to see Gran and have a quick visit with them. 

New clip from The Baby Niche

Shirt c/o The Dancing Llama, mocs c/o Posh Panda

Friday Delainey had preschool and while she was there is started snowing and did not stop.  Delainey was excited to go play in it after naps - until she realized it was cold. Game changer.
Ryder on the other hand loved it.

Saturday morning snuggles.

Saturday we got groceries and did some shopping for winter boots for Delainey - aka princess picky. She tried on probably 8 pairs - "me no yikes does" was all I heard. Until she decided on a pair that were "like Auntie Jolie's" so she chose the black ugg like boots {they also had pink and brown} - until we got home and then she wouldn't put them on because "me no yike Black" even though SHE chose black. She no longer gets a say in said winter boots.

That evening I went a spin class up at Illume Hot Yoga where I teach Surf as they now offer Spin! It was the launch on Saturday and my class was awesome.

Sunday we went to the market with Auntie Jolie for lattes and treats. Delainey picked out a pumpkin to paint and the kids played in the Kids Corner while we chatted.

Ryder thoroughly enjoyed eating most of my cookie and his sisters left overs as usual.

That evening we headed up to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner with Jolie and Nana {Jeff is stuck working out of town. :(}. We had a delicious dinner and Ryder took his first wobbly steps before dinner! We got a great video and he is so darn cute.

^ My pretty fall flowers Justin bought me and Delainey's cute hand print turkey. I LOVE that she brings home a preschool craft every day.

Apparently I didn't take any photos of them dressed up cute for Thanksgiving dinner but these are silly ones we got before dinner!

Justin was behind me while I took the photos. :)
I went to bed feeling just fine on Sunday night but woke up at 1am and was getting sick until 6am. Thank goodness Justin was off on Monday because I made my way back to bed when he got up with the kids and stayed there until 10:30am when I dragged myself downstairs. The rest of the day was a struggle to say the least but thankfully Justin did everything from meals to cleaning, cleaning our sheets and sanitizing. 
 Myself and the kids stayed in our jammies all day and had a very low key day. Delainey did paint her pumpkin.
We unfortunately missed dinner at Justin's Mom's house for Thanksgiving so that was a real bummer and I was so mad that it made us miss a perfectly good family day. :(

Thankfully I woke up today feeling good as new though. I ate a regular breakfast, had a coffee and even considered going to workout this morning - until I remembered I am going to Surf tonight! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Hope you feel better!!! Oh man, D - sounds familiar ;) I am so scared of what A would pick for boots - anything tacky probably. Avery only likes snow because she eats it - smart kid..or not.
So exciting about Ryder :)

Bex said...

yay ryder! sucks you got sick over the weekend. glad you're feeling better though!

Leigh said...

You guys had a fun week + weekend! Not a fan of the snow being here already. It can stay away for a while longer! Glad that you are feeling better :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the picture of D holding the picture...what a brilliant idea! I wish I had thought to do something like that from the beginning (cause I'm totally stealing that idea now haha). Good thing I'm having another baby so I can remember all these cool things to do with her from the get go! ;)

Sucks you were sick this weekend! No fun! :( Sully is in love with the snow but is having trouble understanding that the snow makes his hands cold if he touches it without gloves on, haha.

Leslie said...

That totally sucks you were sick this weekend. Especially since you had to miss a dinner :(
Which market do you usually go to?