{week + end rewind}

We had a very fun filled weekend that went by far too quickly as usual - but rewinding back first...
Monday Delainey had preschool. That evening I went to Surf Set.

In September I actually took the Surf Set training online to start teaching! It's something the owner Telara has been talking about me doing for months now so when she asked me to take the Spin training I decided to start with the Surf  training since it's something I am very comfortable with now and LOVE.
So I passed the exam, passed Telara's crash course and before I knew it she had me on the schedule and I lost sleep for the entire week. After every workout Delainey would say "Are you going to talk to yourself in the mirror now Mommy" - yup I practiced a lot in the mirror. ;) And the kids even came to the studio to practice with me!

  So on Tuesday at noon I taught my first class - it was a very small class - which was perfect! Telara has been way more confident in me than I have been in myself which I why I didn't really talk about this to many people - I was definitely afraid of failing. I hate public speaking so wasn't sure I could actually get up and teach but I did love it despite wanting to vomit all morning leading up to it. I have my own weekly class now and Telara is pushing for more so we will see! I definitely need to get some more classes under my belt to feel real confident as we have to make up our own 'lesson plan' so it's all very new to me but I think it's something I will love.
So soon...in due time...you should all come surf with me!

Wednesday we headed to Confederation park in hopes of getting some 3 year photos of Delainey before I had a little photo shoot with T07 Photography Inc. Unfortunately it was much chiller than we thought so we needed more layers and she just wasn't in the mood. ;)

Delle took these photos of the kids afterwards that turned out so cute.

Once we got home we made some cupcakes for her party!
Cleaning the bowl is her favorite part about baking I think.

We also made the Princess Popcorn.

This guy woke up from his nap very early and decided to pretend he was a big guy watching the ipad.

That night I had dinner with my girlfriends at La Vita e Bella - the meal was amazing and the owner served us and treated us very well. It was such a treat all 7 of us were there for a short time. Krista left early and ended up having a baby the next day! And Sara shared her news with us too! :) SO many babies.

Thursday we had to get groceries and actually take 3 year photos. ;) Ryder had a blast playing with rocks.

It helps to let her pick her own outfit apparently. Wedding tutu for the win!

We made treats for her to take with her to preschool on her birthday.

And pretended she was a bunny on our entire walk. :)

Played on the driveway until Daddy came home from work.

Love Child Organics delivery boxes are one of their favorite toys. :)

Friday we woke up to a 3 year old! We had sprinkle waffles for breakfast and then it was off to preschool.

 We had pizza for dinner and of course had to test out the cupcakes for dessert.

Saturday we mainly got ready for her party which was at 2pm. I will post on that tomorrow. :)
After her party we quickly changed and headed to Lily's sweet 16 birthday party. Her Mom told me she was going all out and I knew that meant big.

 It was gorgeous and no detail was spared.

Candy bar to fill up a box as you were leaving. The boxes we those Chinese food boxes and I loved this detail because Lily was adopted from China.

Downstairs was the dance party and the kids had a blast! Music, lights, photo booth - Delainey was not a fan of the smoke machine - but they danced and played with balloons all night.

A bunch of Lily's classmates were there {so students from my work} and they too were having a ton of fun!

Delainey's love for beads started with Lily. And Lynne had a giant bowl of beads to dress up in and take home. Delainey was in heaven.

It was such a special night for Lily. It's crazy I have known her since she was just 3 so it's nuts to think back to the little girl she was when I met her to who she is now. I can't even say how proud I am of her - she really has come so far.

Her party put D's birthday party to shame but they also had a bit bigger of a budget. ;) ha
We left around the kids bedtime and surprisingly Delainey didn't fall asleep on the way home.

The next morning Delainey opened all her gifts from the party and went straight to playing with every single one.
Justin left to go riding with Brian and we played until it was Ryder's nap time - which he decided to scream for 80% of it.

After Ryder's mini nap we headed over to my brother and Jolie's new house!!! It took us less than 8 minutes to get there which might be my favorite part of the whole thing. But the house itself is awesome. It is perfect for them and has so many cool features - like a wood burning oven in the backyard to make pizzas and Delainey's favorite is the chalk board wall in the basement!! I am just so happy to have them back in the north and so excited for the return of weekly family dinners. :) 
Both kids love stalking poor Junie.

Post nap snuggles with Daddy when he got home.

We went for a nice walk in the ravine.

And then decided to go fly Delainey's kite she got from her Great Grandpa and Grandma Chris.

Both kids just loved it even if we only lasted about 15 minutes.

 Justin went over to Jeff and Jolie's while I put the kids to bed so we could see it and help with mounting the TV.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Where to start?! So exciting about teaching!! I hear you, I'm not a public speaking fan either. I need to come to your class now!
Such a fun weekend with two parties too!
Your photos are awesome! I'm hoping to take bday ones of Avery soon before it's too yucky out.

Leigh said...

Haha I was thinking the same thing as Lindsey! So many exciting things :) I knew you would rock your class. I'm going to stalk the schedule and come one night (if you teach at night). That's crazy that your friend had her baby the very next day! She looks so tiny in the picture- or is that your other friend that announced she is pregnant?

Love the pictures the photographer got of the kids! So cute. So glad Delainey had a great birthday!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh my goodness!! Congrats on teaching surf set!! I can't believe you didn't tell me! ;) I would be sick thinking about teaching my first class too. I want to come take one of your classes!! Well, maybe after baby comes ;)

Wow, Lily's party looked amazing! And so great your brother and SIL are so close! Makes me a tad jealous ;) D's topknot game is strong! And kites - fun for a few minutes and then I don't get it, haha!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that you are teaching surf set classes. I am sure you are doing an amazing job. Just keep in mind that everyone is so focused on themselves and figuring out the moves during class that there isn't much time/energy to focus on being critical of the teacher. Plus you are such a happy, energetic person so I am sure your students love you! The only time I'm not a fan of the instructor is when they are cranky (which happened this past weekend in bodypump!!).

Both Delainey's and Lily's parties looked awesome. I'm with Delainey in liking the cleaning the bowl part of baking. :) And wow, Lily's party looked over-the-top amazing. I especially love the macaron tree as that is my favorite dessert!

Ashley said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! I can't believe that Lily is 16!! Her party did look amazing!! Congrats on teaching, I think you would excel at that job!! But way to step out of your comfort zone! That's exciting for Jeff and Jolie!