Oh hello Thursday. I wasn't sure we were going to make it through the morning. Delainey was in a real tizzy of a mood. Poor little love, I know she's had a hard week with me going back to work. She is emotional on top of her usual emotional self. Thankfully Lily showed up this afternoon and is with us for 10 days so that hopefully helps keep her smiling. On to some random -ings.

That we had girls dinner last night and I had a baby in my arms for almost all of it. I am smart and showed up right on time so baby Franklin was all mine until Nicole arrived. Then I snagged him again before I left and Hayden was there so he chilled on my lap for a good chunk of the night too.
So many babies.

This weather hold up through the weekend so we can brave the crowds and go to the Corn Maze as it's the last weekend of Pumpkin Fest.

{Working on}
A brand new lesson plan. I have been teaching SurfSet BURN but I am thinking about starting BLEND instead...I think it will appeal to more people as BURN is pretty much all cardio intervals and BLEND incorporates weights and less intense cardio intervals.

The kids get so excited when a Love Child Organics box arrives in the mail.
Mainly because the snacks arrive in paper shreds and mess in their middle name. :)

We got the brand new cereals from LCO to try. Ryder is a bit old for them but he still loves oatmeal so we knew we could put them to good use.

We also tried a few different things with them. This morning I made pancakes with it because Delainey loves pancakes right now.

And last week when the kids were sick and were hardly eating anything {even Ryder!} they would still devour smoothies so I added some of this to make them a little more hearty and filling. It's made with healthy wholegrains and they even add chia!

These should be available at London Drugs and Save on foods right now and they will be hitting the shelves at Superstore and Walmart in November!

A few little things for Ryder's Party. My little helper and I that is. She got real ticked off with me when she saw I had cut out a few things one night when she was in bed!

I have been coveting these Moonlight Muladhara Yoga leggings since Amanda first posted them and lucky us - we got them for my birthday from Nana. Thank you Nana!

I will probably never buy leggings or crops from Lululemon again. I love the fit and quality of Muladhara Yoga and Kristina Benson Art leggings and crops WAY more and they are both a better price point too - and made in Canada!



Have a good one! :)

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Bex said...

I'm jealous of the leggings. I've had my eye on them for awhile too. Too funny that Delainey got mad for doing birthday stuff without her! What a little love.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Yes to all the toddler memes! Love those leggings on you girls.

Leigh said...

Those leggings are awesome! Especially since you guys are matching :) Have a good weekend!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I love the quotes at the end! Hilarious! Sorry to hear that Delainey had a tough morning on Thursday. That is so cute that she is such a little helper when it comes to party planning. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Ryder's first birthday! He looks so much like a toddler in that photo with his smoothie. What happened to your baby?? time flies.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ooh those leggings are gorgeous! Laughing and nodding at all those memes - so true!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

LOVE your leggings. I found the leggings that I bought from her didn't fit me that well- they were really big and long which is odd given that I am not small and not that short? They are super soft though which I did love! I just have a hard time buying stuff that I either can't try on beforehand or doesn't have a killer return policy. They fit you like a glove though so I can see why you love them!

OMG your memes had me laughing. Toddlers are so irrationally insane! Bad news- 4 year olds aren't much better... like ever!