This sweet girl turned 3 a few weeks ago so I figured she needed a bit of an update. I could go on and on about her but I only have so much time - meaning I am hitting publish on the post as soon as 1 child wakes up. :)

I have no idea how much she weighs - we have the kids yearly check ups in a few weeks. She's still a tiny thing with long legs, a tiny waist and no booty. But she's got some big muscles!

She is growing out of all her pants so I just got her a whole bunch of 3T pants as 2T are capris on her. She still wears some 12-18 month tops along with 2-3T tops as well. She is very opinionated these days when it comes to clothes. She knows what she wants to wear and that's that. Thankfully she can put a pretty cute outfit together. I did cave and buy her a Peppa Pig tee for her birthday that she can wear as much as she wants - to preschool. :)
Some days when she's getting dressed she tells me she is dressing "fancy" and other days she says she needs to dress "comfy".

She loves jewelry, hair accessories and having her nails painted. She still loves hats and her housecoat.

Playing outside, the park, the lake and running in the ravine
Snacks - sometimes I tell her breakfast and lunch are "snacks"
Riding her bike
Kitty Cat
Playdates friends
Play dough, coloring, painting, and crafts
Curious George, Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger and bike movies
Lego, books, puzzles
Playing with Ryder for short periods of time
When Cruz gets in a crazy mood and runs around the house
Baking, tea parties and shopping
Music and songs

This list changes from day to day. She is one emotional child some days. 
This morning she legit cried {sobbed is more like it} to the point she was gasping for air at breakfast. When I finally calmed her down she told me she was upset because "picking up toast is too tricky for me today. My fingers no strong enough". Right. Eat your toast.

Washing her hair
Having her hair brushed
When you forget to give her a cloth at meals. Or forget her milk. Oh the drama.
When something is too hot or too cold. Too windy. The snow is cold...
When she doesn't get her way. Mainly when you say no to a snack or a treat at 7:30am.
When Ryder gets in her space or wrecks something.

{Favorite foods} 
Pasta with butter and parm, cheese wiz on bread, blueberries, grapes, chocolate chips, pizza, soup, beans on toast, cheese & crackers, Mac & Cheese, strawberries, smoothies... again this changes from day to day. Minute to minute.

{What's New}
She's been loving preschool SO much. She has impressed me to no end with how well she has accepted this transition and being away for those 2.5 hours 2 days a week. She is always so excited to go and see us at pick up time. 

She still naps almost every day. If she doesn't nap she does a good job of staying in her room for at least 30 minutes of quiet time. Also known as Mommy Sanity. 
She can come up with some great reasons why she needs to get out of bed at bed time. I personally think she does it just to drive her Daddy crazy. But she is my daughter and I am told she learned all of this from me. Water. Pee {again}. Too dark. Kitty Cat has no hair. Kitty Cat hit her. Can't find Kitty Cat. What you guys doing? What you going do after that? What Cruzie doing? 
Oh man I love her.

She knows all her colors - even tricky ones like turquoise, violet and gold... She told me one day her favorite color was silvery pink.
She can count up to 18 but likes to mix them all up most of the time.
She is starting to understand the days of the week. 
She knows D for Delainey and can pick out her name or the letter D. I have tried working on printing her name in SO many ways and she has no desire to work on that right now or learn the other letters in her nap.

She is the sweetest and silliest thing. She make us laugh constantly and she really says the funniest things. She also makes us shake our head {pour a drink} and worry about her teen years. :) We love her so much it's crazy and watching her learn and understand things is so darn cool. I still watch her every day in awe of the fact she is ours and that we made something so awesome. 

Thank you Whit for all these beautiful photos of our girl. That reminds me I need to share more of our family photos! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh D you're so precious! And a lot like another little girl I know. I know these traits will allow you to be a strong women one day :)
I feel like we are raising twins, I laughed so much in this post thinking of our days, and the exact same things!

Bex said...

What a sweet, beautiful little thing she is. These photos are amazing.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Miss D! Cant believe she's 3!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh man, she is just the best! And so much like Sully in some ways (strong-willed) which makes me feel a lot better. Sully makes me cut his toast into "small bites" so he can eat it with a fork...but then so often the fork won't hold the piece of toast on it and cue the meltdowns and forks being thrown. Oy. I tell ya...I can't wait for the day I can have a drink haha! ;)

These photos of her are just breathtaking. xoxo

Leslie said...

She looks so big in those pictures and so so sweet. I love that she wants to dress "comfy" some days and "fancy" others.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

She is so awesome!! Such a sweet, silly little girl!! I love all the crazy things that they come up with!

I can't believe she is napping so well these days when it seemed like she was going to drop her nap at 2!! Yay!!!

Erin said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! I can't believe how fast the time has passed...where did it go exactly?