{our little man is ONE}

Happy 1st Birthday to our Ryder.

One year ago today the last sweet little puzzle piece of our family was born and he really is the perfect fit. It seems a little unreal that I am sitting here typing this up. It's absolutely crazy how fast this last year went. At this very moment {as I am tying this} last year we were on our way to the hospital and a few long hours later Ryder was here.
His birth wasn't exactly what I had hoped for, it was stressful, chaotic and I hate that he came out black and blue, but it was perfectly his. He was healthy and that's all that mattered in the end. Besides, he has proven to be a little risk taker right from the get go and hasn't stopped. He is determined, always wanting to do things his way and not letting his size stop him from doing what his sister is doing. If I'd let him his favorite spot to hang out is on top of our headboard. He's a monkey and definitely keeps me on my toes.

He's been the chillest baby and helped make the transition from one babe to two quite seamless really. We had our tough days for sure but Ryder always went with the flow. Besides he's the cutest little man so he wasn't hard to hangout with at all hours of the night and morning. ;)

I don't ever want to forget so many things about this stage because they are some of the best things and these babies just change so fast.

How he goes on high up his knees and reaches up to me when he wants up or when I am handing out snacks.

How he watches Justin at meal time and then giggles and throws his head back when he catches Justin's eye.

How at bed time when I carry him to his room he lays his head on my shoulder and rubs my arm while I rub his back.

His laugh when you pretend to eat his feet.

How when you tell him "no" he looks back and you and says "ohhhh".

How he scratches my arm while he's nursing and peeks over at Justin and kills himself laughing over and over.

How he watches Delainey so intently and smiling the whole time.

The sound of him and Delainey in the stroller laughing together.

His cheeky grin.

How he loves it when Delainey chases him around our main floor. And even more when Crux joins in.

How fast he crawls to get to the back door when Daddy comes home.

How excited he gets when he sees me after I put Delainey to bed and I go get him from Justin to nurse him before bed.

The look on his face when he does something new {or something he shouldn't} and he says "wow.

He really is the best little guy and I thank my lucky stars every single day for him. We are reminded all the time how lucky we were that our fertility procedures worked the first time with both our kids after our years of trying. We felt so lucky to get pregnant with Delainey and then the stars really aligned when we got pregnant with Ryder. I can't imagine my life without him - he's the perfect mix of cuddly and sweet & wild and crazy. He makes my heart swell and I could not be more thankful he is ours. 
We love you Ryder Keith. Happy Birthday little man!

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Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Ryder! I loved following his first year!

Angela Williams said...

Awwww, happy birthday to Ryder!!

Leigh said...

Happy 1st birthday Ryder!

Jan Konynenbelt said...

I love his personality in photos! I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Awww Happy Birthday, Ryder! This was such a beautiful post, Alison. I'm so happy for you and your family and that your family feels complete now. I can't imagine the pain and struggles you must have gone through in the past. And I can't believe he's already a year!! xoxo

Bex said...

So sweet. Happy belated birthday little man!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Ryder! #babybigtruck2 has the same birthday only a year later. Crazy!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy belated birthday to Ryder. He is such a cute kid and I just LOVE his hair!! I am so glad he is such a healthy little boy, especially after his scary entrance into the world. Sounds like he will definitely keep you on your toes since he's such a mover and a shaker, but it's good that he's so chill!!