{ONE year of Ryder}


I tried really hard to do the same things with Ryder as I did with Delainey here on the blog, in photos and for special events, etc. TRIED is the key word.
 So since I did this post with Miss D here is Ryder's birthday recap post - week + end recap to come tomorrow. ;)

As we did with Delainey on her first birthday and have every year since - he woke up to balloons!
Delainey was so excited to throw the balloons into his crib. And Ryer was equally excited. He "wowed" and "ahhhh" and squealed away - it was pretty cute and fun.

Delainey got her cupcakes {thank you Ashley} and sang happy birthday to him and then joined him in the crib.

For breaky we had banana chocolate chip pancakes topped with yogurt and sprinkles of course.

The kids had baths and then we dropped Delainey off at preschool and came back home so he could nap. After nap time we played with balloons again because he loved it so much the first time!

It was a snowy day so we had a day of playing at home and Ma and Pa came to visit.. And since it was his birthday he decided he didn't need to nap in the afternoon and his sister followed suit.

We had pizza for dinner and cupcakes Delainey made and decorated for dessert.
I swear I bought a 1 candle but couldn't find it for the life of me despite Delainey being pretty upset with me about it.

Delainey and Lily enjoyed the cupcakes too!

And then it was bedtime!

A look back... 12 months of Ryder Keith.


{one month}

{two months}

{three months}

{four months}

{five months}

{six months}

{seven months]

{eight months}

{nine months}

{ten months}

{eleven months}

{twelve months}

Oh my heart. He is the cutest.
We love you Ry guy. xo

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Gabriella said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Ryder! He is seriously the cutest. That little smile is precious, and I love the balloons in the crib idea! Also babies in bow ties...GAH!!

Ragil said...

Happy birthday dear Ryder!! It is a pleasure seeing you grow, we at Portage and Main here are wishing you the best. Xo

Bex said...

His hair has not changed over the last year. So cute!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy 1st Ry!! I am still in denial he is one- where did the year go?? Love watching him grow!

Leigh said...

Crazy how fast the year as gone and how big he looks walking now!