I was excited to team up Munchkin to test out and share some of their products. Munchkin develops innovative, modern and credible products for babies and children. We already owned numerous Munchkin products {fresh food feedersbath letters and numberswhite hot duckybath crayonsbackseat organizer - to name a few!} that we love so I was pretty sure anything they sent would not disappoint and I was right. Delainey was thrilled opening up the box they sent and it was clear to us why they are one of the most loved baby lifestyle brands in the world.

First up was this Shampoo Rinser... Having her hair washed is easily one of Delainey's least favorite activities. It always ends with many tears and ear piecing screams no matter what I do. Now, this is no miracle rinser but it makes the job much quicker and a wee bit less painful for me. It has a soft contoured rim so you can gently form it to your child's forehead ensuring their eyes stay dry. 

The kids also have a blast with it dumping water on themselves and in poor Ryder's case he will often get a big surprise dump of water from his sister. And for the record she does not appreciate me doing that to her when I show her how Ryder feels. ;)

It also has a nice easy grip handle so I can easily {try} and wash the shampoo out of Delainey's hair when she is squirming like a fish.

Meal time! Anything to make meal time easier and more fun is welcome in this household! 

Delainey had still been using a sippy cup for her milk until we received this No Tip Toddler Cup and she was SO excited for a big girl cup. The weighted base keeps the cup upright when little hands and elbows bump it.

These Mighty Grip spoon and fork set are definitely our new favorite utensil. They are really easy for both kids to use and it helps with them being short they have way more control over the utensil.

This cup has been so good for Delainey and it's the perfect for fit for her little hands.

Oh the Miracle 360 Cup. :) I of course was very excited to see they sent us two of these because Ryder wants what Delainey has. So I filled them up right away and then could not for the life of me figure out how to use them. I shook them {no leaks}, I pushed the center, I tried putting the lid on again. No idea. Not 10 seconds later Ryder was guzzling out of his. Adult proof but baby tested. :)

How to? You simply tip the cup and suck on the valve's edge and then the cup automatically seals when the child stops drinking.

Both kids love them and they really are a genius design. They can drink anywhere on the rim, like a regular cup, which helps support normal muscle development in a child's mouth. Plus no straws or spouts makes it super easy to clean!

These Lift Infant Spoons have been great for Ryder as well. He gets so excited when he's given a spoon to eat with and he maneuvers them really well. They are made from really soft BPA-free plastic so they are gentle on the face and gums - and can act as a spatula for easy scooping and face clean up!. Not that Ryder ever makes a mess. 

They are also deigned so the base of the spoon keeps the tip elevated off of counters to eliminate mess {not in Ryder's case clearly} and away from germs.

Bedtime! Delainey was thrilled with this Light My Way Nightlight & I was thrilled for this Safety Bed Rail

This little owl can sit beside the bed and can be used when the kids need to make a potty break during the night {or when they have a bad dream and need some reassurance}. There is a little button on the bottom to turn it on and it stays lit for 20 minutes unless you push the button again to turn it off. It uses LED technology so never gets hot and it always cool to the touch. The glow isn't overwhelmingly bright in the night and I think this would have been nice for middle of the night nursing session as well.

My favorite part about this bed rail? Other than the safety factor of course - is that it looks good! It's modern style and neutral grey is perfect for Delainey's room and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It is 18" tall and extends to 36" wide and has a push button folding hinge so kids could climb in and out of bed with ease - Delainey just climbs off the bottom of her bed. :)

It also comes in aqua blue, lime green and hot pink!

Another key factor to why Munchkin is so popular is their price point. Everything they sell is very reasonably priced especially for the quality of the items. We were beyond happy with everything we tried out and own already.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well! Munchkin Canada on Instagram here.

Disclaimer: We were sent these products in exchange for our honest review above. 

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Bex said...

Oh man, I could use that hair rinser. Why do kids getting their hair rinsed so much?!

That owl light is cute too.

Leigh said...

We need that hair rinser too! She was loving it for a while as we taught her to kick her feet and splash while we do it, but she's over that now.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh man, many screams and tears when we rinse Sully's hair these days too. He was fine with it up until about a week ago and now he freaks out if the hair rinser we currently have is anywhere near the tub lol. I try to get him to lay on his back to wash his hair that way, but he won't always comply. Silly kids!! Nice haul! That 360 cup looks/sounds amazing!

Ashley said...

We swear by the miracle 360 cups - it's the only kind we have bought and use! That bed rail looks amazing!! I love munchkin products and soo affordable!!

Sawalter said...

Good to know I am not the only one who could not understand those 360 cups lol