{Cupcake Party}

I had big plans in my head as to what Delainey's party would look like and as soon as I ran it by her she immediately shot my ideas down. She wanted a cupcake party. So we had a cupcake party and she loved it. She was a big helper in every aspect of the party. She helped with the gluing of the invitations - Delainey finger prints everywhere! The perfectionist in me did a lot of "let it go, let it goooo" as her helping was so worth it.

I printed off "a few" of my favorite photos of her from the year to use as decoration with the cupcakes we made as garland.

We had a cupcake decorating station that everyone could decorate a cupcake if they wanted. I had pre-iced a bunch with fluffy peanut butter icing or people could choose to ice their own with white buttercream, chocolate or fluffy peanut butter icing.

The treat table was "Delainey's Favorite Treats". 
So we had the Princess Popcorn we made {popcorn of choice and we drizzled pink white chocolate, sprinkles and pink candy.
Cupcake sugar cookies {Iced with icing we made with jello so it had taste!} 
Timbits, Fancy marshmallows, Fruit Wands, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Chips, Heart shaped Rice Crispies and Candy necklaces. And of course CUPCAKES!

We lucked out and found these lanterns and doiley's at Micheals in the dollar section and we made this "3" with cupcake liners.

We made the decision at Delainey's first birthday that beer and wine are a must for the adults to get through a kids birthday party. :) And this is Justin's job.

Kids and Grandparents. :)

Just like last year she LOVED having everyone sing to her. :) Thank you Whit for videoing it and Brie for these 3 photos.

Delainey easily decorated 7 cupcakes. One {or more} for herself, one for Ma, Pa, Daddy, myself, Blake {who wasn't there}...

Whit is an excellent photographer. ;)

I don't know about everyone else but I do know Delainey had an amazing time. She was so excited every time a new decoration went up and bounced to the door every time someone new arrived. 
Thank you SO much to our family and friends who were able to attend and celebrate our girl. 
We love you all.

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Bex said...

I LOVE your idea of using craft paper to label food. I may have to steal that. Although, I already bought chalk board signs. I wish you could come make Liam's party amazing because I struggle every year, especially because I don't have the space to host the party at my condo.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the craft paper idea too! Like all the parties you do this looked awesome! Avery wants a princess party..sigh.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

The party was awesome! I loved all the little details. I'm curious to know what some of your original ideas were that D shot down?! Haha, kids. Her reaction when everyone was singing Happy Birthday was priceless - she was SO happy!! When we got home, Sully kept going around saying "HAPPY BIRFDAY!!" all night lol.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You do such an amazing job with parties! Her treat table looked awesome! And I love the bunting you made with photos of Delainey. What a fun day!!!

Leslie said...

Seriously! You always do such an amazing job with parties :) Those cupcakes looked delicious.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

It was such a fun party!! The decorations were great and the cupcake decorating station was definitely A & L's favourite!

Leigh said...

You did such an amazing job yet again friend!

Angela Williams said...

I love the cupcake party idea! I'm thinking that might be my theme next year. For me, hahahaha.

Ashley said...

Looks like soo much fun!!! Great job mama and D!!! I'm sad we will be away for Noah's 3rd, but I might plan a kids party before we go anyway!! Love all the details!!

Amber said...

Aww that looks like SO much fun! You guys did a great job! The cupcake decorations are so cute and I think a decorate your own cupcake station is a fantastic idea!