{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday! Holy this weekend was busy but a ton of fun.
Rewinding back this week. Monday we were at the lake, Tuesdays I don't think we did much other than lots of playing at home.
I love these goofballs.

Wednesday we went for a play date at my friend Krista's new house with her little guy, Carla and her 3 kids, Julia and her babe and my 2. It was a busy house but pretty great and it was fun to get us all together!
 Delainey has been obsessed with riding her bike lately. She starts at our front door and goes ripping down the driveway at an angle. Many days last week we HAD to be outside when Daddy came home to show him her "new moves".

Ryder found himself in the mirror and it was hilarious to watch.

Thursday we got groceries and a few other errands. Friday was Delainey's big 1st day of preschool WITH Mom. We dropped Ryder off at Gramma Debbie's early so he could have his nap there and we could have a bit of time together before preschool. We found a sunny playground to play at for a while {mainly run around excitedly} and then stopped at Tim Horton's for a Timbit.

She was SO excited. I literally could not get her to stand still for a photo - she was bouncing and vibrating. Even before the donut!

She did so good at preschool. We did a craft {a kissing hand}, played with a few kids and they did a mini circle time and she was shocked they read the same book we have been reading lately {The Kissing Hand}. They also set up a little hunt where we had to help our kids find certain spot - kleenex box, potty, garbage, bag hook, name tag, etc.  The teachers seem super sweet and Delainey already seems comfortable. Heck she told me to go wait in the truck half way through the day. 

Back yard time after naps! We also met a friend for some play time at the market before dinner.

Saturday morning I headed out just before 10am to meet up with the Blog Squad for a super fun AntiGravity Fitness Class. More on this come Thursday.

I went straight from that to Emerson's Glow in the Dark 6th birthday party! It was a ton of fun with Glow in the dark games and lots of glowing bling! They covered the windows in garbage bags for it was real dark and glowing. 

Just eating cheezies under the table!

Right from there we headed to a wedding reception for one of Justin's co-workers. Gramma Debbie took the kids home and thankfully went to bed really well for her.

It ended up being such a beautiful day so we sat outside almost the entire time - until about 8pm and then it was real chilly when the sun dropped.

 It was a great spot and a very chill evening. Nice to meet and chat with more of Justin's co-workers - enjoy some kid free time, a BBQ dinner, cocktails and cupcakes! I may have already asked the bride for the icing recipe for Delainey's cupcake decorating birthday party! :)

Sunday we headed out after lunch as Justin had a special activity planned for him and Delainey. I suggested they take the train as it was on the Stampede grounds and I have been wanting to get her on the train all summer. She LOVED the train.

They went to:

They had a blast! They could build with Lego and Duplo at different stations and there were tons of huge Lego characters built as you can see.

She loved it but after about an hour asked to go back on the train! :)

While they had fun there, Ryder and I went to help Auntie Jolie pack.
Jeff and Jolie bought a house!!! YAY! And it's 8 minutes away from us. Double YAY!!! We are all far too excited about it. And they move in on Delainey's birthday!
We got a good chunk of packing done and Ryder was actually better than I thought he'd be other that trying to stalk poor Junie kitty.

We had an easy pizza dinner and then quickly realized an early bed time was needed for everyone!

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Bex said...

I LOVE your shoes from the wedding reception!!
That lego thing looks super cool. Liam would have loved that, train and all! I'm so sad I missed out on the fitness class. :(

Ashley said...

Love the pics of D's first day and the wedding pics! What's the recipe? I love trying new icing recipes!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You looked stunning (as usual!) at the wedding!
Glad D is doing great at school! Here they have to be 3 on the first day so I could not get Avery in anywhere. Lame! So instead we are going to every unparented drop in program I can find lol.
D looks like she had a ton of fun with Justin, so cute! Avery was asking to go on a train the other day and I thought "how will we do that?!" haha.

Angela Williams said...

It was so good to see you on Saturday! I'm glad you were able to come with how crazy your weekend was!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Just a little busy this weekend ;) The Glow in the Dark birthday looked like fun!

Yay to Jeff and Jolie finding a house close to you guys!! Where did they buy?