{week + end rewind}

 I most definitely didn't want this weekend to end we had such a great time. 
Let's rewind back though shall we...
 Monday the weather wasn't looking awesome so we headed to the Spark Science Museum. It was a ton of fun and really good for both kids which was a sweet surprise.
Delainey had a blast in this climbing structure and she was big enough to get up to the top all by herself which was so nice because typically she needs a boost!

There were lots of different tables to explore.

And the 2 and under area was so much fun for both kids. Ryder was SO happy in there and motored around checking everything out.

The playground space was equally as fun. There was a lot to choose from and tons of space.

Back inside before we headed home.

Justin went for a bike ride after work that night so we spent the afternoon and evening in the backyard!

Tuesday we headed to the zoo with Crystal, Emerson and Nixon. 

The kids had a blast with their cousins and we saw lots of animals.

The Illuminasia lanterns are back out and so beautiful even during the day.

 It turned into a nice sunny day so enjoyed the backyard as usual.

Wednesday I went into work for a while to take staff photos and meet up with co-workers so the kids went to Gramma Debbie's for the day. They will be spending their days with her when I go back to work part time mid-October so I think it's important they spend a bit more time over there before then.

Thursday we got groceries in the morning after some play time with Cruz.

Post nap snuggles.

Ravine runs!

Picking flowers.

Friday morning we got ready to head to the lake. Delainey and I matching in out lake tees and rubber boots!

We had a great weekend at the lake - the weather could have been a bit better but it didn't rain after Friday so we could at least be outside.
Friday when we arrived we went to visit Nana. Jeff and Jolie arrived after the kids were in bed so we did some beer tasting with beers that Justin bought on the brewery tour. It was fun to just hangout with the fam and chat until far past my bedtime.

Saturday we hit up the market, thrift store and museum store and then went for a boat ride before naps.

Auntie cuddles.

We did some baking for family dinner.

Ryder, Mom, Delainey and I went for bike ride while Justin and Dad went on their own.

Delainey was excited to be doing some riding with the boys afterwards too.

Speedy D!

Saturday night we went down for a appetizers and a fire with some lake friends and family. 

 ^ Live Love North Sweatshirt

After our appies we headed home to put the kids to bed {and warm up}!
Then Jeff got to work on our dinner. He did a seafood boil and it was SO delicious. I ate so much crab!
We sat around the table until around 10pm when Mom. Dad, Jeff. Jolie and Jeff's buddy Shill decided to head to the dance. Justin and I headed to bed!

Auntie & Uncle time.

Sunday night we had our annual big family Spaghetti dinner. Dad makes his own version on Grandad's old recipe and it's SO good. Plus it's fun to have everyone at our place.

Delainey warmed up to the houseful of people by around 9pm. Decided to color Uncle Ben's nails with crayon like Ali's!

Sticker time with Auntie. :)

My Mom set up a great obstacle course outside for Delainey and she went through that probably 546 times. She loved it and everyone that came over had to "Hotch me" {watch me}.

We left Monday morning so the kids {& I} could nap on the way home.
 Once home we played, bathed and explored the ravine.

Sucker from Nana.

We also had to paint her nails like Ali. :)

Then we put them all to bed early. :)

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Bex said...

Looks like a fun week. Love your floral leggings! I can't believe you're back to work soon already!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You guys had a great weekend!! I wish the weather was nicer too but like you said at least it didn't rain.
Love your matching lake shirts, so perfect!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww I just love reading about your lake weekends! So much fun! You and D in your matching Hunters are so cute!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend at the lake! It looked chilly. We haven't been to Telus Spark, but it was fun when we went. Must go back!

Murdock's mama said...

We haven't done our annual seafood boil yet and I'm getting so anxious!