{week + end in rewind}

 Another weekend gone in a flash. We had an extra long weekend it seemed because the kids & I headed out to the lake on Wednesday morning! :) Rewinding back though...
Monday Miss D headed to preschool for an hour all by herself for her Staggered Entry day. She was over the moon excited and was even more excited when I picked her up. She definitely loved it.

I think Ryder wanted to join her.

Ryder and I tried to make a return at Costco during our solo hour but so did the rest of NW Calgary so we kiboshed that idea and went to grab Cruz for a walk.

After naps I snapped some photos of these two cuties in their matching shirt. :)

Shirts are from Mo Green Clothing Co. from Vancouver. Be sure to check them out they have some super cute tees and give back a percentage off all sales to charities.

Tuesday we got groceries, cleaned the house and got ready for the lake.

Wednesday we worked out and then packed up to go. A little play time to burn off the energy!

^ Tee from Little & Mama - local YYC online shop! Use code ourlifeandtimes20 for 20% off your order until the 26th.

Our ride to the lake was uneventful. The kids were awesome as usual. When we arrived we visited with my Grampa & Chris who are in town visiting and then headed out for a bike ride.

Going fast down the hills with Pa.

Felt like summer it was SO nice out.

Lots of obstacle course action!

Lake baths.

My early risers are even earlier risers at the lake.

I went for my first ski of the summer. 

Didn't look as good as my Dad but it was fun and beautiful morning for it.

Boat naps for when you don't nap in your bed.

Fun at the playground.

D and Grampa reading.

Friends of Mom and Dad's took us for a pontoon boat cruise!

Or napping spot if you are Delainey.

I went for my 2nd ski too! On Mom's 60th birthday! 

Playing in the sand and water.

Jeff, Jolie and Justin arrived Saturday afternoon.
 Auntie Jolie & Cruz :)

Obstacle course with Uncle Jeff.

Saturday we had a nice big dinner for Mom's 60th and the Thomas's joined us.
 Ice cream cake for all the September girls birthdays!

Delainey got to stay up late and have dinner with us and it was dark by the time bedtime rolled around so we did sparklers before bed.

That night about 20 lake friends came over to celebrate Mom's birthday. It was a lot of fun and nice to all be together.

Grampa & Chris with thier grandkids and great grand kids! We had all just gotten up here. :)

 We had such a nice visit with Grampa and Chris and were spoiled with the weather we had while out there, as always it was hard to leave.

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Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend at the lake! You got some great shots of the kids. Ryder is looking so grown up in the last picture

Bex said...

Love the pictures of D and the sparklers! So fun.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww what a great weekend! You're mom is so awesome! I hope she had a wonderful birthday weekend :) What a great idea setting up an obstacle course for D! I need to remember that and do it in the basement when winter rolls around!

Jen Linton said...

Obstacles! What fun!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How are the girls old enough for preschool!? So crazy! I am glad she is liking it :)
How cute is that obstacle course?! I should try that for A the next nice day. She looks like she loved those sparklers! And September birthdays are the best ;)
Glad you guys got such a nice lake weekend! It definitely felt like summer.