{Ryder: 11 months}

11 months. Well that snuck up on me. I have been so busy working on Delainey's birthday party and wrapping my head around the fact that she will be THREE on Friday that all of a sudden Ryder is 11 months old and will be ONE in a month. Gasp.
Either way he is the funnest little boy and his personality is really showing these days. He loves to explore {almost too much} and loves Delainey {almost too much too}. He is a riot and keeps laughing. He gives some amazing snuggles, smiles and his belly laughs are absolutely contagious.. 

{What's new?}
He's working on 3 teeth up top and has his bottom 2. They haven't bothered him too much thankfully. He went through about a 10 day period where he tried to use them at inappropriate times far too often...thankfully he learned you can't chew milk before I cut him off entirely.

We {meaning Justin} started brushing his teeth when he does Delainey's and he just sits so nicely and let's Justin brush and floss as if he enjoys it.

We have cleaned up his hair twice with the clippers now and again he just sits there while I to the clipping and Justin hold his head a bit without fussing. Changing his bum and dressing him on the other hand...lord have mercy.

Not walking yet up he's been standing without assistance for a longer periods on time and walks with more control holding on to one of our hands.

He's doing great in this department. He naps twice a day still and goes to bed between 6:45-7:15pm and is up when Delainey gets up on weekend day {6:15am} and on the weekends if Delainey comes to cuddle in our bed when she wakes up he will often sleep a little past 7.

{Height & Weight}
We haven't weighed him in a few months. Around 29 inches and 17lbs is my guess

{Feeding & Eating}
I have cut out the first thing in the morning feed and we just go straight into breakfast as we won't have time on my work days and he's been fine. He still nurses before naps {if we are home} and before bed.

He eats all meals with us and what we eat and he packs it away! He pretty much loves everything and easily eats more than his sister. He's getting pretty good at using a spoon and fork if we load it for him and is an absolute mess after every meal. If only Cruz didn't have so many allergies and could clean up after him.

Climbing into things and onto things
Exploring and making big messes
Playing at the park
Climbing the stairs and then making a beeline to Delainey's room to chug from her water bottle
Walking with assistance
Chatting & making noise

Diaper changes and getting dressed
Being stuck in the stroller when Delainey is running in the ravine
When Delainey doesn't want to play with him or takes something from him
When it's not dinner and he wants dinner
Being sleepy or waking up and you not going to get him the second his eyes open

We love you Ryder. Thank you for being so sweet and smiley.

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Nikki said...

Gah can't believe he is 11 months already!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't believe he's 11 months! He is such a cutie and I just love his hair!! Sounds like he is quite the mover and shaker and that he keeps you on his toes!!

Leigh said...

Happy 11 months Ryder! He really is the happiest guy

Geneviève Désy said...

He is so cute! Especially when he wrinkles his nose, he looks all mischievous!

Bex said...

He just gets cuter every day. Can't believe he's going to be one soon!