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Happy Thursday but our FRIYAY! Justin is off tomorrow so we are heading to the lake in the morning. We are excited but I am certain Delainey is the MOST excited. Until we are 2 minutes away and then Cruz may take the cake.

We had girls dinner last week at my girlfriend Barb's place to meet baby Ivy. She is so teeny tiny so snuggling her and baby Hayden was a real treat because my baby cuddles are no long wee babe cuddles. 
She had this toilet seat that she said she installed herself so I ordered it immediately upon returning home. {I had a gift card to Amazon.ca and used it on this. That's a little sad right?!}
The little "potty seat" just flips down as it has a magnet at the top. I figure we will need a potty seat for a few years yet and this looks way nicer {especially for guests}, is handy and is easier to clean. I am far to excited about it. And I installed it myself. 

Ryder is obsessed with Country Heat. Or is it Autumn Calabrese. :) Either way I spend a lot of time moving him away from the TV! Speaking of Country Heat. I look ridiculous I am certain but it's really fun! I work up a sweat, feel it in my legs and abs the next day and it's not crazy hard. I am a pro at step touch and booty shakes let me tell you. ;) And it's on sale again this month! Yee Haw. ha

I was using the washroom quickly in our room and came out to find this. Trouble.

I've been talking about preschool a lot with Delainey to prep her as much as I can. As we drove by today I was telling her next week her and I get to go to preschool together for 1 day. We'd get to meet her teacher and her friends. She quickly stopped me and said "No thank you Mommy. I go all by myself. You and Ry drop me off and come back and pick me up in a few hours. Ok?". 

^ new jersey headband from The Baby Niche

I am kind of dying with excitement to get our family photos back from Whit. These are the sneak peeks she posted after our session. LOVE.

How grown up do they look?! And how handsome is Justin - I mean come on.

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Ashley said...

Wish I had known about that toilet seat before I bought an on toilet seat for Noah, although now he won't use a seat at all and prefers to just sit on the regular seat, so apparently I just had to waste the money on one for him to not want it! Love the family pics! Crazy how big they are getting!! Mike is off tomorrow too!! Yay 4 day weekends!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

We saw those toilet seats at one of the houses we put an offer in on!! I told J we need to get one when Leo finally shows interest in PTing. So much better than the other seats!

I love your family photos so much!! I need to get on picking outfits for ours!

Oh D- miss independent!! I hope she feels the same way the day of!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha well that toilet seat is pretty brilliant! I might have to order one too when the time comes. Whenever I mention potty on the toilet, Sully says "I NO can potty on the toilet, mama!" Oh boy.

I can't wait to see more of your family photos either! ;)

Bex said...

My best friend has one of those toilet seats too and I kind of wish I had gotten one. However, I didn't because I knew I'd need one of the portable seats to take to my parents or travelling anyways. They are a genius idea though!

I can't wait to see more of your photos. You have such a gorgeous family!

Katie said...

oh my gosh these are gorgeous!! i can't believe how grown up and beautiful D looks! i love her hair!