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Another Frock Box arrived and I was really hopeful this one would be better than my last few {spoiler: it was}. After last months bust of a box I did email them to let them know I didn't feel the box reflected my profile and they were very receptive of my comments and switched up my stylist. 

On to the pieces!

Item 1: Sleeveless Relaxed Bird Print Top in Purple - Small - $59
I like this tank a lot. It's very pretty, unlike anything I own and I liked the back a lot. But I didn't think I would get much use out of it now that the fall weather is upon us and I did think $60 was steep for a tank top.

Item 2: Embroidered Top in Navy - Small - $49
This top was quite nice on. I loved the back detail as it was a peplum back. I just didn't love the neckline on me and didn't think it was something I would reach for in my closet.

Item 3: Take me to the moon sweatshirt - Small - Not sure the price on this one as it wasn't on my list. I was supposed to get a Black Bomber Jacket instead. Womp.
I didn't think this piece was anything special. I didn't find it very flattering, it was a bit short on me so didn't hang that great. 

Item 4: Rib Banded Cardigan in Teal - Small - $49
I liked the color of this {these photos don't do the color justice} but I didn't love the material or the cut of this sweater on me at all.

Item 5: Printed Floral short Sleeve Knee Length Dress in Navy - Small - $59
I was excited to see this print when I opened my box. I love fall florals and have nothing like this in my closet. It's a great length to wear out with the kids but will also be perfect for when I go back to work. I like it with short boots but will be equally great with tall boots and a cardigan when it gets chillier too. I wore it last night for girls dinner with a cardigan, scarf and booties.
Obviously KEPT.

Bonus item: I do have to say the customer service with Frock Box is really great. They sent me this romper that I loved on Instagram to make up for my last sad "black filled" box.
The bottom of the shorts have ruffles, the arm bands are lace and it has a pretty crossed back. It fits small so they sent me a large and it fits perfectly. I really love it and was thankful for a beautiful fall night to wear it out for date night. Thank you Frock Box.

Want to know more about Frock Box - be sure to check them out here.

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Bex said...

I like the tank, cardigan, dress and romper. All super cute on you! That's really good they were so good about your feedback!

Amber said...

LOVE the dress you kept and also really liked that embroidered top on you but I get that it wasn't something you'd reach for in the closet. The romper is super cute as well!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that dress!! I've had no luck this fall with clothes that fit me. Everything seems too big and not flattering.
Great to hear they have good customer service!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the dress you kept! I also love the embroidered top but understand why you didn't keep it since you didn't think it'd be something you'd wear often. I also love the tank top but it's definitely not tank top season and if you wore a cardigan with you, you'd cover up the cool back! That's great that you had such a great customer service experience with them! When I see these posts, it makes me want to try the US company Stitch Fix again but I just never seemed to get assigned to a stylist that understood my style. :/

Chidley said...
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Sarah Walter said...

You've inspired me to sign up! Hope I can improve my style since becoming a mom.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

All the items look great on you! But I I understand your reasons for returning the ones you did. Too bad they sent that cute tank in the colder months! But I agree - I would never pay that for a tank! Love the dress you kept, and you are rocking that romper!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That tank is so cute!!

I got the black bomber jacket last time. It is totally you but not me! ;)

LOVE that floral dress and the romper!

I put my box on hold for this month. My last 2 boxes have been duds :(