{Delainey says}

Time for another "Delainey says" post. She's pretty much the funniest little almost 3 year old ever. She cracks me up multiple times a day. The best is when I burst out laughing at her and she says "I no being funny Mommy. I sewious".

Delainey 2Y 11M

Me: Are you ready Delainey?
D: Ok no I not gimme 2 secs Mom.

Me: Ok Delainey I'm waiting for you now. You need to clean up so we can go upstairs.
D: Ok Mommy. Good girl waiting.

We were on a walk and we saw a cat on a driveway and of course Cruz started to pull. 
D: Don't worry Cruz Mommy keep you safe. Me no like cats either.
Me: You do like cats. You like Junie and she's a cat. 
D: No. Me no like cats. Me only like Junie cats.

She was playing with a play dough doll and I over heard her says "No silly girl you no need make up you such a pretty girl".

Another time playing play dough Ryder was in his high chair after multiple times of him putting play dough in his mouth.
D: That's it Ry. No more play dough for you until you outta diapers.

In the truck I was talking to Ryder as he was getting upset and I obviously asked him a question and Delainey said "Sorry Mommy but Ry no talk yet. Sorry to tell you dat"

We stopped at the vet to pick up Cruz's food and I carried it out to the truck.
D: Whoa dats heavy Mom. Good thing we workout dis morning.

She sometimes has jello after dinner that we have made together and she was eating it one night.
D: Me yike Jell-o it makes me big and strong.
Me: No jell-o doesn't make you big and strong. It's a treat. You dinner makes you big and strong - the veggies and meat.
D: Ohhhh well it makes me happy and smile.

When talking about Halloween I've been asking her what she wants to be.
D: I go be Daddy for Halloween.
Me: Daddy? How will you dress up like Daddy? I wear a bike, hat and work shoes. 

When I started the new workout program Country Heat with Autumn Calabrese Delainey stopped and looked at the TV and said "Heyyyyy dats no our workout guy" 
She loves Shawn T too. :)

I was being lazy and didn't put my runner on this morning for my workout but about 2 minutes in...
D: Hey Mom stop right now. You need to put your runners on for workout. You see does people on TV. Dey all wear runners. Put your runners on Mom.

Before bed I always says "Good night my sweet girl. Mommy loves you" and the last few nights Delainey will says "Good night sweet Mommy. D love you too"

During lunch one day she wasn't enjoying her meal apparently and said "me no like this. It makes my laugh so mad"

Many times when we ask her to do something she responds with "Sorry I too busy right now"

Delainey has been getting very frustrated with Ry these days as he is always in her space and taking her toys, wrecking her lego "cakes" or towers. So sometimes she will hit him or put him in kind of a headlock {ha} and when that happens she needs to go sit on the big chair to "take a break". We will then talk about what else she can do and she says sorry to Ry or gives him a hug. 
Well one day when I was getting dinner ready I saw Delainey trying to lift Ryder into the big chair. I asked her what was happening.
D: Mom Ry needs to take a break. He push me and dats no allowed. I teaching him da rules.

She also puts herself in the take a break chair. :)

We've been talking about preschool a lot lately so if something happens throughout the day at home that I think may happen at preschool I try and explain how she may want to react at preschool.
So when she pushed Ryder away from her puzzle we talked about what she would do if one of the kids at preschool came into her space and she didn't want them there.
D: Mom at preschool there is no babies so the kids be smart like me.
Me: Yes. But sometimes other kids may just come and start playing with what you are playing with. What will you do?
D: I just say "Hi my name D. You wanna play me?"
{I may have teared up when she said this}

One thing I've been trying to help her become more independent with is in the bathroom after #2. She thinks she is fully independent but she still needs some work. So one day when I was telling her that she would have to do this all herself at preschool that's why we were practicing she said "yeah Mom cause the kids there don't want to wipe me bum sat would just be weird"
Yes yes it would. ;)

Again with our new workout - it's country dancing so a lot of step touch with a clap between sequences and Delainey commented "Wow. She sure is a good clapper"

Ah Delainey Brynn. We love you so. You will definitely challenge your preschool teachers as your speech is not super clear yet. But they are going to be the luckiest ladies to spend those 5 hours with you a week. I know I am going to miss those hours from my day already.

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Bex said...

Ah I love reading these. She's so cute and silly.

Nikki said...

This is hysterical! I love the stuff kids come out with!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ahhh I love these! She's just the cutest!! Her new teachers are definitely lucky to have her in their class :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love it when you do these posts! You are so smart to write these things down so you can remember them and can look back on these posts! She is such a cutie! Her preschool teachers will be lucky to have her in their classroom!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh my gosh she is hilarious!! It's so hard to not laugh at all the funny things they say! I also love that you have recorded everything how she phonetically says them!