{week + end rewind}

Another week and weekend GONE! Summer {as always} is flying right by. Slow down {and quit raining} already! We got home from the lake Wednesday afternoon so they rest of the week seemed to fly by especially because Justin was off!
We've been watching about 15-20 minutes of Wall-E with Delainey every night before bed for a few weeks now and finally finished it. Delainey really loved it and was very interested in where and what Wall-E and Eve were doing throughout the whole movie - she may have inquired every few minutes. ;) Since we finished the movie Justin and Delainey have been working on Justin's Lego Wall-E he got for his birthday from Nana {he wanted it!} It's going to be a long project but she keep asking to make Wall-E - and I know Justin LOVES the fast he has another Lego lover in the family. 

Between the rain we played outside as much as we could.

Friday afternoon we headed over to Big Spring Provincial Park for a walk after the kids napped. It's such an awesome little place to hike {short hike} and only about 20 minutes from home. The kids had a blast and Cruz LOVED it. Water falls to play in!

We already can't wait to go back!

Ice cream afterwards! :)

Saturday Justin went for a solo ride out in Bragg Creek. 
Hopscotchin' and side walk chalkin' while we waited for Dad to get home!

I must get better with side walk chalk. ;)

ha ha!

Saturday after naps we hit up Cross Iron Mall - with the rest of Calgary!! OMG is was busy. It saved us money though because I couldn't be bothered to stand in line in 2 different stores!
 Saturday night right when we put the kids to bed we had the craziest storm I can recall. It hailed and rained and thundered SO hard and so loud. I have NO clue how the kids slept through it.
Once it stopped it was like a block party as the whole neighborhood went outside to check it out! 

Sunday we were out of the house bright and early to head to Red Deer for the Mud Hero run. We met Mom, Dad and Claire there. I will do a full recap on the race later this week {hopefully when we get some event photos}. But we had a blast! And we are already planning on going again next year. It was also awesome to see so many blog friends.

Mom unfortunately injured herself water skiing so couldn't join us but Justin took her spot! :)
 Thankfully Mom didn't mind being in charge of the kiddos while we got VERY muddy.

Once we got home we got cleaned up and then we went out for dinner with Mom and Dad to Amicis. 
 Couple of cuties ready to chow down on some fresh bread and pasta! Mom and Dad had a sleepover and will head back to the lake today!

Does she not look 12?! Oh boy.

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Bex said...

I'm so glad I ran into your mom and the kiddos. Such a sweet lady and I absolutely loved watching Delainey's reaction while you guys went through those mud pits. And Liam was pretty happy that I got to steal Ryder for a couple minutes so he could tickle him. You have the cutest family. <3

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I'm jealous of your hike as always, I'm hoping we get on some when we go to Canmore next month.
I'm so happy I got to see you all quickly & your mom is the sweetest!
And you're 100x better with chalk than me.

Katie said...

how awesome that is 20 minutes from your house! and i think your chalk is pretty good :) your kids are so adorable!!!