{week + end rewind}

Last week was kind of a quiet week. We spent some time doing some prep for Delainey's birthday party during Ryder's morning naps. She has been so into helping me make the invites and decorations it's pretty cute. The perfectionist in my cringes a little but it's about her anyways and I love the time with her.
She pretty much bakes for this reason:

Wednesday we met up with Brie & Sully at Edworthy for a park play and to take some a few gender reveal photos for her.

He is obsessed with this hockey stick Uncle Jeff made for him. He beelines to get to it as soon as he is close to his room.

Thursday morning I needed a few things from Staples, Micheals and the dollar store so we did the rounds walking. Insists on pushing the stroller.

We also stopped at Petland to see all the animals. A young employee was telling Delainey all about the Siamese fighting fish and how easy they are to care for yada yada. I didn't think she was really listening but when he finished his talk she said "I gonna ask my Daddy when he home from work". The rest of the morning she talked about asking Daddy for a blue pretty fish - and then thankfully forgot it after nap time!

It was "Seniors Day" at Petland and that means free cookies for everyone! Delainey got the hook up. This cookie had more M&Ms then she has probably eaten in all her life!

Ravine runs!

 ^ bow from Dear Freya in Edmonton

This dandelion would not budge! Even I tried and those seeds would not fly. She was so unimpressed! ha

 Friday we met up with my friend Mandi and her 2 kids down at St. Patricks Island.

They have great playgrounds down there so the kids had a blast.
Wood chips for the win with Ry!

Threw {tasted} a few rocks before having a quick picnic before heading home.

Friday night Gramma Debbie came over to have dinner with the kids so we could zip down and have dinner at the watering hole. I convinced Justin to eat on the patio and it was a perfect sunny evening! 

 ^ hat c/o Western Bliss Boutique - more about this shop again in a few weeks!

Saturday morning we dropped Justin off at the train as he was heading on the Calgary Brewery Tour with Brian and Leigh's brother.
The kids and I were supposed to go to a yoga class on Nose Hill that morning but it was cancelled due to the rain. We went to the playground instead as the rain held off.

He's a disaster! ha He wants to do everything!!

Both of the kids had fun with the new play banner I set up c/o Little Walls - check them out - they are pretty neat and have so many options! Cruz loved the attention - she got her coat brushed, Ryder climbed all over her, Delainey brushed her teeth - a much better vet visit then she usually gets! :)

Saturday night we picked Justin up from the train station after his tour right before the kids bedtime and then we watched "me before you". I haven't read the book but really liked to movie so I am sure the book was great.

Sunday morning it was a chilly one! But Delainey wanted to ride her bike and go to the park so we rode on the driveway a while until it was Ry's nap time so I put him down while her and Daddy rode to the park.

That afternoon Delainey and I were heading downtown for our hair appointments with my cousin Amanda so Justin took Cruz and Ry for a hike at Big Hill Springs.

Delainey did so good sitting for her haircut!

Amanda's salon is just a block from Made by Marcus so we HAD to go. She didn't mind at all. Man the ice cream there is SO good. Delainey had Lemon Curd + Wild Blueberry and mine was Tonka Bean Cherry.

 Came home and everyone went for naps - except me. ;) I had to wake this guy so he'd go to bed.

Justin BBQd a yummy dinner and just like that the weekend was over!

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Stacy said...

you guys seriously have the best parks...you do not want to see what we have for ours!! LOL

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh man, Avery is obsessed with my (work) fish! I fear the day it dies, for her sake - not mine, they are a pain lol.
Those wall decals are SO cute!! I love them.
I have never heard of that ice cream, we just got hooked on Village lol!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Thanks for taking photos!! I'll have the post up soon :) :) Love your outfit from your date night - looks like a magazine ad!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun week!! Can't wait see what th theme is this year!! Noah only wants to push the stroller! I just got the book from the library - we were supposed to read it for my month of book club, but couldn't get the book club bag in time! I can't wait to see the movie, glad to hear you liked it!!