{week + end rewind}

Look at me posting on a Monday. :) Now let's rewind back to last Monday. We had Mom and Dad with us for part of the day. I got to walk with Cruz solo which never happens! 

I love catching them playing nicely together. And this cheesy monkey busted me taking a photo. ;)

Tuesday I took these 2 photos and cannot for the life of me think of what we did. Hmph.

Wednesday was a rainy morning so we postponed our morning walk until it looked brighter and then jumped in the truck to explore a new path by us.

There were nice ponds so Cruz didn't waste any time getting wet!

And big puddles for Delainey.

Delainey's dress is from Mini Way Co. which is a shop with incredible items created by a Calgary mama. I seriously love the style of her dresses. They are oversized, super cool and flowy. I would easily wear most of these items myself!

  She sent Delainey this MW Dress in a 2-3T and Ryder this Black Crosses on Grey Muscle Tee in a 6-12m.

Ryder can't wait to show off his guns in this muscle shirt on a hot day {possibly today!}. :)

 Clip is The Baby Niche and Ryder's Moccs are Posh Panda

I really love this dress on Delainey and wish I had known about this shop before I shopped for our family photos because I LOVE this faux leather sleeved MW Dress!

Cruz was one happy girl so we will for sure be back tot his spot for walks on hot days.

Wednesday night I went on a movie date with Leigh and Brie to see Bad Moms. First of all can we talk about the fact that the chairs were lazy boy recliners?! I mean seriously what a treat and the comfiest I have ever been in a theater! And oh my word did we laugh.We cried laughing on multiple occasions.

Thursday morning we woke up to....get this... SUN!!!! So of course we got out there to play first thing.

^ Tee Surfing Ninja and new jersey headband from The Baby Niche

 ^ Shirt Portage and Main

We headed South to meet up with Leigh & Amelia and Brie & Sully at Kayben Farms for a play date.

What a great place and there is so much to do. This slide was a hit. I was shocked she went to do it without me!

She went much faster when she sat on the sack so wanted me to join after she went VERY fast on her own.

We saw lots of farm animals and she fed the goats. Her facial expressions were the best.

She really just wanted to go pick raspberries in the bush! ha We saw some as we were walking to the animals and the whole time we were feeding the goats her and Sully kept asking for raspberries!

The giant bouncing pillows were also so fun!

Ryder really wanted on!

We had a picnic lunch and then explored the sandbox and a few other areas.

Let's just say Ryder got right in there.

It was such a fun time. I wish it was closer but it was totally worth the drive. We will be back before snow fall for sure.

Backyard lovin'!

I was in the laundry room switching laundry one morning and came out to Delainey pushing Ryder around the house in the Lego bin "going for a boat ride"! Now she wants me to push them together all the time!

Friday morning shenanigans. Ryder is seriously trouble. I went over to take him out of the basket but sat there and watched/spotted him and he climbed from the basket on to the black shelf. Stood up on the shelf holding on to the kitchen and was trying to reach down to the coffee pot. My gosh. Seriously.

Delainey cuddling Cruz.

Kristina Benson leggings - more on these very soon!

She just got these new piggy clips from The Baby Niche so let me do piggy buns. Adorable.

We had our friend Darren over for dinner {he got to experience the chaos of dinner with 2 littles} ha and then after dinner we just chatted and had a few drinks. 

 ^ Best tee ever from The Lucky Pineapple

Saturday morning I finally got to Surf Set class. Oh man I have missed it. It was such a good hard class with Telara. Pretty excited about my progress on the board though.


After class I quickly changed and we headed for lunch with Blake, Karen and Marcus. It was so nice to catch up and spend some time with them. Marcus is so much bigger than last time we saw him! 

The kids napped on the way home so when we got home Justin mowed the lawn and we walked Cruz and then we got comfy in the backyard!

After dinner we went for a bike ride to the park.

Sunday morning Justin and Brian headed out for their bike trip to Fernie. 

So we met up with Leigh at the Splash Park with Leigh and Amelia. It was already hot when we got there at 10:30am.
 The kids has lots of fun. Delainey was a bit more adventurous and Ryder really just was on a mission walking around with my help of course.

After naps we headed down for her first ravine bike ride. She did really well. She was mad she couldn't "lift her feet up" while going up hill and then got really mad at me when I stopped her when she got going too fast down a downhill but she's doing great.

It was a hot one so popsicles were a hit. Ryder's was just frozen mashed bananas and he was a happy boy.

And just like that it was time for bed time for my two favorite kids and then for me to collapse into bed. After folding 2 loads of laundry. ;)

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Bex said...

You guys have so many fun adventures. I want to come to Kayben Farms some day!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Fun week!! Kayben farms looks like Kray farm that's by us! I need to get there.
Love D's dress! And those popsicle shorts are my favourite :)

Jen Linton said...

Can I be invited for these weekday adventures??! Or the mama things ;)

Nikki said...

Oh my D's hair!

Leslie said...

What a fun week!! Seriously - it's like all the perfect summer fun activities :) I am excited to check out The Lucky Pineapple when she is back from vacation.

Stacy said...

Looks like a fun week. My friend lives in Cochrane and is looking for things to do with her son - they find the time really long. Any ideas?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You guys packed a lot of fun into your week/weekend! I am glad you got some nice sunny days as it seems like you've had lots of rain lately. Your kids are always so cutely dressed!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Could the kids look any older?? Seriously they are getting so big- I barely recognize them! Love D's different hair styles! You have to show me how you do your bun thing!

Kayben Farms looks like a blast! I think I would be scared going down that slide. There is no way A would go down it but L would be all over it!

Impressed you have picked out family photo outfits already! I need to get on that!

Ashley said...

Um I just love D's pants with the leather knees!!! Those pics make me crave fall seeing you guys in long pants and jackets haha! It's been soo stinkin hot here, although I love that too, it's just hard to be out for long with a baby!! Love the piggy clips too!! I can't wait for Em to grow long hair haha! I just saw Bad Moms this week with a bunch of village friends and it was soo good! Loved it!!

Leigh said...

You guys had a great week! Even better that I got to see you three times in one week- I think we saw each other more than the boyfriends did ;)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha at Leigh's comment!

It was so great to see you twice that week! ;) I want to see Bad Mom's again! I'm so glad we got to see it in the recliner seats. I love D's little pigtail buns - so sweet! And I agree - that black and white dress is adorable. Looks like it will fit her for a long time, cause you can just throw leggings on with it!