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Alright super heavy photo post coming right up. But that's what you get after a busy and awesome week and then {an even busier} & my favorite weekend of the year!

Last week when we got home from the lake on Sunday afternoon Lily was dropped off a few hours later to spend the week with us. She hadn't had a sleepover since before Ryder was born so we wer all excited. Especially Delainey. She waited patiently for Yiyi!

She blows bubbles like a pro so was a hit with both kids.

Monday morning Ryder had his 9 month doctors appointment so we hit up Riley Park Wading pool afterwards as it was already hot and right across the parking lot!

All 3 of the kids {Lil isn't a kid at all anymore!} loved it and it just reinforced why I only want 2 kids! Delainey wanted to walk around the pool the whole time, Ryder wanted to crawl under the water and Lil just wanted to lay and play in it.

We had a snack {some tree climbing}, played in the water more and then headed home for lunch and naps. We kept Lily busy enough that by afternoon nap time she too was ready to head to her bed "to chill".

Tuesday we had a day at home to play in the backyard. We went for slurpees and I took Ryder's 9 month photos and Lily even got in front of the camera for me. I cannot believe she is going to be 16 in October!

Wednesday we headed down to Bowness Park for a picnic lunch. We also played at the park and threw rocks in the river. They would have thrown rock the entire time!

We left and Delainey commented that Ryder had chocolate on his face. Or dirt. ;)

Backyard time after naps. Boy loves to splash!!

Thursday we met up with Whit and the kids at Heritage Park. We definitely need to go back as we didn't do everything wwe wanted to but still had a ton of fun. We hit up the bakery first {their cinnamon buns and raisin bread is amazing} and then checked out the animals.

Carousel was a hit for sure! Lily has her own {real} horse and rides in competitions so she was pulling out all the lingo during our rides!

Delainey surprised me and went on the Ferris Wheel with Fin.

We had a picnic lunch and called it a day as the clouds were rolling in and everyone needed a nap!

All week he was taking a very short afternoon and then crashing on me the second I got him out of his crib.

That night I fooled Justin into buying me a blizzard. :) I saw on an American TV station it was Miracle Treat Day. Whoops. In Canada it's August 11th. But the blizzards were great even if we had to eat them at home as the sky seriously opened up the second I took this photo. J and I were drenched just getting everyone back in their seats!

Friday morning Lily got picked up at 10 and we left for the lake! It was so hot when we arrived that we wasted no time getting into our bathing suits. Plus Uncle Jeff arrived just after us! We moved the slide into the lake and once Delainey warmed up tot he idea she was going down all by herself without a life jacket. So proud of her.

Friday night Crystal, Troy, Emerson, Nixon and Debbie arrived for Regatta weekend. AKA the best weekend of the year. 

Saturday morning it's Land Races. Delainey went in the running race and did great even though she couldn't see me at the finish line so did a little detour! Nixon and Emerson also went in their age category running race - ribbons and candy when you finish!

Ryder went in the baby crawl. He did better than Delainey did {meaning he didn't sit in the middle of the carpet & cry} but he was pretty distracted and didn't finish. But he got 3rd furthest! :)

Crawling is exhausting. 


Jeff went in the skipping and sack race and Crystal and I went in the nail hammering contest. :)
We got home and needed some lake time! Emerson and I took our yearly photo together. CRAZY how much this girl has grown! I love this tradition with her.

This photo is titled NAP TIME. Troy and I had the same idea for nap time.

Unfortunately the rain decided to show up right before parade time! It was postponed and then once the lighting and thunder quit they went on with the show You can tell how much everyone at Seba loves this weekend because the parade route was just as packed as it usually is! A little rain never hurt no one.

Mom and Dad's Seba Boots was of course the best!

Sunday morning was the waterski competition! 20th anniversary of these two competing in it together! Even when they stay out past 2am they haul their butts into the water. ;)

Next up our family runs the Sand Castle competition. We recruited Debbie and Crystal to judge as well while Justin and Troy watched the kids build their masterpiece!

That afternoon we also host the Kan Jam tournament at our cabin. I don't go in it but it's always fun to watch as Jeff, Justin, Dad and Troy do. Plus it's nice to chat with everyone!

That night we went to the Hot dog Extravaganza down the beach. As always it was a delicious meal and great to catch up with everyone and keep Matt's tradition going. 

Sunday night was supposed to be when we go out in the boat to watch the Fire Works but it was rainy and chilly so we didn't this year.

Monday morning we played outside until it was time for Crystal, Troy, Debbie and the kids to leave.

After they left we watched Jeff's team play Volleyball between naps.

Nap time buddy. I shouldn't take these photos because it seems like the second I do Ryder wakes up.

They came in second - AGAIN this year!!

We were lucky enough to stay out until Wednesday so we enjoyed some boat rides, surf board time, swimming, sliding and biking. Along with playing down at Nana's.

Boat nap!

Delainey fell asleep sitting up driving the boat! Good thing Pa was actually in charge!

Twirling and watching the train go by before bed.

It's always hard to leave this place. 

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