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Since I chatted on here last about some summer must haves for the kids. I thought I would share a summer must have that followed us around all summer long making it a DEFINITE must have. From the almost daily use in the backyard it always got thrown in the truck and was handy all over the place. From picnics, to playgrounds, the zoo, Heritage Park, on hikes for a pit stop, the lake many times, the splash park...even despite the rain - our Rollo has had a good summer!

What is a Rollo Towel you ask?
It's an awesome, HUGE {5 feet in diameter}, circular towel with a fun fringed edge. It comes in bright, fresh colors and is thick, super soft & washes up SO well! {Two messy kids and a dog tested that out real well!}

Rollo Towel Co. was started by a Calgary Mom {of 4!} to give her a break from "mom life" & after all her kids ditched her and went off to school. ;) She wanted to show her kids you can do anything you put your mind to and create a brand that was fun. I met up for coffee with Allison {or Alli since we're pals and share the same name!} and she is so passionate and excited about her brand and she should be. I walked away with my very own Margarita Rollo and couldn't wait for the sun to come out! I also secretly wanted a hip-mom hair cut like Alli and to come up with a cool brand too. ;)

Sure there are are a few other companies around the world that make similar towels but you won't find one with the price point of the Rollo ($79), that offers free shipping and I saw in person one of her competitors and the quality doesn't even compare. And ours has been washed at least dozen times! Plus she really has branded hers in such a unique and personal way.

The Rollo Towel comes in 4 different prints:

Like I said we chose the Margarita as I loved the bright colors for summer and wasn't too girly for Ryder. Our next Rollo will be the Willow for sure.

Summer fun with our Rollo:

To say we love it is an understatement. I LOVE that we can all fit on it for a snack, I can cuddle the two kids in it after being in the water and it also makes a great outdoor blanket for in the boat or on the deck.
With all this rain this summer it was awesome to throw down in the backyard when the sun finally did come out for snack time and our bums didn't get soaked even if the grass was still wet! I would be perfect for so many outings - parades, outdoor concerts, music festivals - you name it!

Go check it out! Rollo Towel Co. offers FREE shipping to Canada and the US and the lowest price you will find on a unique towel like this!
Be sure to check them out on Instagram too!

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Chelsea said...

Looks so cute :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So nice!!! You guys have definitely got use out of it!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I love this blanket! And yes, you've definitely gotten good use out of it! I too want a cool hairdo like Allison, haha...I mean, I wish I was cool enough to look that cool ;)