{Mud Hero 2016}


I have been wanting to do a Mud Hero run for a few years now after seeing a few of my blog friends participate in them. Finally this year the date worked for me and I wasn't pregnant {not that that stopped Lindsey or Becky in previous years} plus it was in Red Deer which isn't that far. :) I even wrangled up my parents to join me and their running partner Claire. Unfortunately Mom injured herself water skiing before the race so wasn't able to join us - so at the last minute Justin took her place. 

Mud Hero is a 6km run with 18 obstacles throughout - they included water slides, cargo nets, mud pits, climbing walls and much more {mud}. 

We arrived at Canyon Ski Resort where the event was held and found parking easily {$10 to park} about 1.5 hours before our heat as recommended to pick up our race packages and get our shoe chips attached. Our race packages included a shirt and a headband with our race number along with our chip to attach to our shoe.
It was a quick & easy process so after getting ready and using the washrooms we decided to duck into the 10:30am heat instead of waiting until 11:00am since we are ready to go by 10:15am and we had the kids with us.
{PS. There were TONS of Port-a-potty's so no waiting around for the potty - bonus!}

I won't lie - I was a little nervous as I didn't really know what to expect and I knew my Dad and Claire were much stronger runners than us. We decided to all stick together though which made it really fun and not competitive at all. At the starting line a DJ got us warmed up and pumped up and before we knew it we were running!

It had rained in Red Deer the night before so our course was MUD mud and lots of MUD. There were very few spots that were not covered in mud which made it really fun yet challenging at times.
The first kilometer or so was running down hill and it was just a mud slick - many people resorted to sliding on their bums down but we tried to stick to the edges and use branches if needed! Small short steps and trying to light on our feet was key!
We stopped a few times to wait for Claire as she is not a fan of running on ice in the winter so wasn't a huge fan on running down hill in slippery mud either! She was a riot to listen to!
The first obstacle was the Superhero Cargo Climb which was over a large pyramid of 2 cargo nets. The second was scaling 3 walls {there was a choice of 3 sizes} and then it was off to the giant slide!

 I was both excited about this one and a little scared! Once I got to the top it was pretty steep but I didn't let myself think too much I just went for it!

I thankfully closed my eyes as I went straight under and was obviously wearing my contacts!

After that there was the Frog Spa which was basically trudging through thick mud pits that seemed to go on for days, Donkey Kong which was a huge 15 foot structure with a cargo net between the large ladders. It was caked in mud which made it a little sketchy but a lot of fun! There was one where you crawled underneath cargo nets on your hands and knees army style, the Backwards Bulldog where you pulled yourself under cargo nets on your back and more mud pits/baths of course

I found the hardest part to be running UP Hamburger Hill. It's a Ski hill where this was held remember so this hill seemed to go on forever and it was slick!

The obstacle after Hamburger Hills was the Ring Monkey Bars, I really wanted to go across the solo rings but they were caked in mud which made them super slick. Dad got across 4 which was impressive! It's my goal next year. ;)
Next up was the one I was super nervous for {mainly because we watched many people attempt it and get stuck!} was a big platform on a bit of an angle that you have to climb up with a rope and slide down the backside. 

^not our year - image from google

This wouldn't have been so hard had it not been caked in mud and really slippery. Thankfully I made it up and was able to grab on to the top as I slipped - Dad and Justin got over too!

From there it was a bit of trail run then onto the beams with the giant balloon like obstacles and then the last 120 meters is mud pit after mud pit crawling under logs and cargo nets. It was SO fun.

We spotted Delainey, Ryder, my Mom, Becky and Liam at this point and we stopped mid course for some photos! :)

We finished in 1:09 - we didn't care about our time as we stopped many times on the course, really couldn't run all that much at all and did it as a group. 

This was me going into see Delainey and she was TERRIFIED of us. Crying and hiding behind my Mom even though she had just spent an hour watching others cross the finish line covered in mud! Silly girl.

After these photos we went to the showers to clean off which was a task in itself but we got decently clean and then went to chat with Lindsey and Becky for a while before heading to the truck to change into clean clothes. We went to the Beer Gardens for a bit for our free beer/cooler {Delainey had an ice cream} and we enjoyed the live band. Then we hit the road back to Calgary as both kids {and I} needed a car nap. :)

Overall I thought it was an absolute blast and it was a really well run event. We are already signed up for next year and I can't wait! No one is allowed to water ski the few weeks before ;) and Jeff and Jolie are signed up with us too.

PS. Thank you Mom for hanging out with the kids while we ran!

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Bex said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys had so much fun and that I got to see you for a bit. Next year I will be running and bringing Liam to run the kids race.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

When did you sign up for? I'm just making sure it's not the same weekend as another race we are planning to go to (kid free holiday!!) & then will sign up. If so I'm sneaking Avery into the kids race with Liam too.

Leslie said...

So fun! I have thinking about signing up for one of these for awhile now but I always chicken out.....

Katie said...

how fun!!! and hard! way to go! i'd love to do one of these some time. and how funny that d was crying when she saw you!

Ashley said...

Looks like muddy fun haha! Great job!! Those are some epic photos!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like so much fun!!! You were smiling in pretty much every picture! Maybe I can do it next year!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I love all the smiles in the photos!! So much fun! I wish I could have done it this year. Next year for sure!!