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I've talked about Love Child Organics [LCO] a few times already but I've really loved having these products on hand this summer. They are super handy and knowing they are really nutritious makes them really easy to throw in our bag and hand them out as needed. Plus my kids love snacks and are constantly asking for a snack [well Delainey is and if she is eating Ryder has to be eating or he is tackling her]!

I always have a couple of the Super Blends or Power Yo'rridges in my purse or diaper bag in case the kids need a quick snack on the go. They are perfect for picnics and this summer they have been most used on road trips to the lake or on hikes.

Ryder feeds himself the pouches now and he can't wait to get his hands on them.

Delainey also must have a pouch now when Ryder does. ;) I love that they have lids that we can save them for later if they don't quite finish it.

The Savoury Baby Meals were a huge hit when Ryder was just a little guy starting to eat and they actually are really delicious. I tried them all. :) And if you're looking for them Calgary Co-op has awesome selection of LCO including all the Savoury meals. Walmart and Superstore also carry LCO but not the Savoury meals yet.

A few times this summer Delainey and I have made necklaces using the Toodle O's. I used to love doing this as a kid {with fruit loops} and she gets just as excited about it and it's a healthy treat. Tootle O's are multi-grain and made from rice, buckwheat, amaranth and millet {no added sugar} and are fortified with iron - our favorite is apple!

I also make a trail mix for her using tootle O's, Owlies and whatever dried fruit or nuts we have in the house.  The raspberry + vanilla Owlie cookies are DELCIOUS! Plus they are made from spelt which is easier to digest than wheat on little bellies!
Ryder is a huge fan of tootle O's now too and they are just a bit bigger than cheerios so easier for little hands to manage.

One thing I really love about Love Child Organic products is most of them have resealable packages making them easy to pack for picnics or to live in my bag and then not having to worry about spilling. 

Ryder has been teething something fierce lately so the Teefies have been very popular in our house. Unlike other teething biscuits these contain no added sugar or salt and don't make a huge sticky mess like others do. I often plop him in his high chair when I am trying to get dinner ready and they occupy him and satisfy his need to chew!

PS. Love Child Organic products aren't just for babies and kids - I am obsessed with the Fruity Chomps. They are delicious and are the perfect little car snack. ;)

PPS. All you Canadian readers - check my Instagram for a giveaway for a $50 prize pack from Love Child Organics!

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