{week + end rewind}

Another week and weekend gone and boy of boy was it good. Last Monday seems like so long ago. 
Some highlights.... Justin had Monday and Tuesday off! He spent most of Monday finishing to paint our main floor. He started this while we were at the lake the last time. I really love it. It freshens it up and cleans up the crap job that was done when the house was built. It was SO much work for him and not the color we envisioned but I LOVE it.

We visited the canola field with a happy girl this time and got some cute shots. I have been wanting to take some photos of her in her flower girl tutu and this was the perfect spot. It totally helped she chose her yellow rubber boots.

Tuesday we headed into Canmore for a little day trip. We drove up the Smith Dorrien Trail and stopped to throw rock at the prettiest spot.

We took a walk along the river to the old bridge that is under repair.

We had ice cream at Old School Bus Ice Cream. Someone was pumped and could have cared less about the ice cream!!

And the next stop was the candy store! A wall of 5 cent candy - yes please. Only they weren't only 5 cents. Ouch.

From there were should have gone for a run or two but instead we made out way over to La Belle Patate for some of the most delicious poutine ever. Such an awesome day.

The next morning Auntie Jolie met us at our place and we headed out for the lake! It was so nice to have 3 full hours to chat with Jols too. We went for a visit with Nana while Mom drove in to pick up GRAN from the airport!

Ryder fells asleep sitting up on the way home and he was a riot when we got home and tried to wake him. Being the good mom that I am I videoed it while Jolie and I peed our pants laughing at him.

Jeff caught both the fish but let us girls reel them in a squeal and hold them for a proud photo moment. ;)

My Gran and Nana with their Great Grand kids.

GG always bring Delainey new books. She hit the jackpot this time with Peppa Pig & Daniel Tiger books.

4 Generation.

Our days included lots of watching the choo choos, walking on the pier and playing jungle beach {aka collecting rocks and throwing them in the lake}. Bike rides, baking and playing in the pool. Boat rides, time in the kayak, surf boat and jumping in the lake {a new request of Delainey's}. She picked raspberries with Nana a few times and Nana also had us all down for turkey dinner. Delainey read lots of books with Jolie and went looking at flowers with GG. Ryder found as many rocks as he could and can successfully climb up the stairs of the slide. We [meaning Jeff} caught a few fish, went to the market and had drinks with ACathy & UKen. We paddle boarded, worked out on the front lawn, even had a little down time in the sun - and so much more. Pretty much had great lake days.
Clearly we had an amazing time. As always it's SO good to be with family and extra special to have time with GG even though it's never EVER long enough.

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Stacy said...

Sounds like a great time. Love D's tutu and yellow rubber boots. Silly question, I have seen Lyndsey posting pics of the canola too - is there only ONE canola field or many lol - my friend is out there and she recently took a picture of a canola field as well...I'm assuming they are all over haha!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love all your lake photos!! I need a lake...

Bex said...

Looks like so much fun! You're a brave girl holding that fish, I think it would have freaked me out haha. Love the canola pics. I hope to get Liam out for some photos this if everything works out.

Ashley said...

Soo pretty up there!!! You make me miss Canmore!!! Can't wait to see the main floor!! What color did you go with?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I think Canmore is one of my favourite places ever! I cannot wait to go in Sept!
Awe what a fun time at the lake, I miss Chad's Dad living at Gull Lake for all those reasons!
Yes, what colour did you paint the main floor?! I hate painting, go Justin!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a great week you guys had! And perfect weather for the lake! So nice to have all your family out there with you. And yay for finishing up the painting!