{week + end rewind}

Oh my late again. I feel like I can never keep up but being on the computer when the kids are awake just isn't happening. 

Let's see if I remember anything from last week! :)
We played catch up on Monday after being at the lake so we got groceries and did laundry. Delainey was treated to a big donut from the ladies at Tim Horton's. Pink Sprinkles = Happy Delainey. And she only ate the sprinkles.

Ah yes - last week was rainy. Oh so rainy.

We escaped from the house whenever the rain let up that's for sure!

Tuesday Brie & Sully came over for a play date and these two sure adore each other. We played at home shortly and then headed over to the park to play and picnic while the weather cooperated. It was so nice to catch up with Brie - we used to be in Gymnastics class together but that didn't allow for much char time!

Post nap ninja moves.

Wednesday Gramma Debbie was itching for some time with the kids so offered to take them so I could have some me time. Gandparents are the best and we are so lucky to have our in town {at least most of the time}!
We drove J to work as he had a Stampede party that night, walked Cruz and then played in the backyard before heading to Gramma's.

I ran some errands, had a pedicure {the one I was supposed to have the day Ryder decided to join us!}, went to a Surf Class and then had coffee with Allison from Rollo Towel Co. I jam packed everything I could in 4 hours!

The kids were awesome for Gramma and she even got some snoozy Ryder cuddles.

Thursday... I thought was Friday. So we headed to the market and it was closed. Womp. So we took the scenic route home and I found the fullest canola field. Asked D if I could take a picture of her in it and she was all for it until she got mud on her boot. 

Ryder popped his first tooth!

The sun came out briefly after nap time so we had snack outside on our new Rollo Towel. PS. It's amazing. Even Cruz thinks so. More about this gem to come.

Friday highlights included hitting up the library, painting with pudding and counting down the minutes until Daddy got home. We had done every activity possible all week!

^ Our tops are from The Lucky Pineapple

The pudding painting was a huge hit! I thought D was give it a big heck no but she loved it!

Saturday we didn't do much... I went to Surf Set in the morning, we did some jobs around the house and then I said we HAD to get out of the house so we ran a few errands. I dropped J off to get some paint supplies and he told me to go get a coffee or a Snickers bar. Apparently I was grouchy. ;)

While I was at Surf and Ry was napping D and Daddy did some biking. She went off this huge jump! :) See video at the end. 

We also puddle jumped, played with pudding again and enjoyed the wet backyard. :)

Sunday we woke up to SUN!!! Justin headed out for his bike ride with Brian and the kids and I walked down to the community Stampede Breakfast.

They had lots of activities for the kids including the Butterfield Acres petting farm, a huge jumping castle, face painting, crafts, the Library bus and a delicious breakfast. 

Delainey wouldn't touch anything. Ryder wanted to touch and ride everything. He also ate more pancakes and I did and Delainey only ate the whipped cream and strawberries off of hers. ;)

She did get her face painted though which surprised me {I know - weak face paint job}.

I may have been the only one in boots but that's ok. I love my boots and wear them any chance I get!

At the last minute D wanted to change her boots and wear boots like Mommy not her beloved yellow boots.

Post nap snoozes with Mom. Cutting teeth is hard. :(

Sunday night we had an awesome birthday dinner at Gramma Debbie's for Crystal. It was awesome to see everyone as it had been a while and of course dinner was incredible.

Untitled from Alison Black on Vimeo.

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Leigh said...

You sure fit a lot of stuff into a week! I'm impressed :) The pictures of the kids doing the pudding painting are so cute. They look so proud of it! Fun that you got to catch up with Brie and Sully too :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Such a fun week+end, despite the rain! You do so many fun activities with the kids. I couldn't handle the pudding mess ;)

Love your stampede outfit!

Glad you got a break from the kids! Must have been refreshing. I can't do that pose on the ground nevermind on the board!

I had to laugh at the "coffee or snickers bar" suggestion from J. You are never grouchy! It must have been the never ending rain. Chocolate and/or coffee solves everything.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a fun and busy week! I'm so glad we got to be a part of it! Oh girl, those pudding pictures give me anxiety, haha!! And I don't even keep a very clean house, haha ;) You are such a fun mom! What a great Stampede breakfast your community puts on! Ours was on the Saturday, but after our photo shoot got rescheduled, I forgot all about it! Except ours is a BBQ, not a breakfast. And definitely no animals or bouncy house!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

OH!! And that video - that's the cutest thing ever! What is she saying at the end of it??

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the video, way to go D!!! A is hit and miss with her bike, some days it is awesome other days it lasts down the driveway.
I feel like Avery would not like face painting but who knows, though she would love the poor animals...too much ;)
I love that your community has a breakfast, I need to bring that up for our community board next year, it is a great idea. Lots of ours are downtown and more of a pain to get to with kids.
And pudding painting?! You are an awesome Mom!
Oh Justin, a Snickers - LOL!!

Bex said...

Ya! love the video of D going over the little jump. so cute! Looks like such a fun and busy week. You guys always do so many fun activities. Jealous of all your surf set classes!