{week + end rewind}


Happy Monday and 4th of July to all my American friends and mainly Jolie! My favorite American EVER! 

We had an awesome weekend and I am sad it's over. We were spoiled to have Justin home with us Friday and this morning too.
This week...Monday I'm not really sure what we did. It was our Anniversary! Justin bought me a hammock!! I've wanted one a long time and I LOVE it. We have used it daily and I love our nightly hangout in it.

Tuesday we dropped Cruzie off for her sleepover with Uncle  Ken & Auntie Cathy and then checked out a new park now that school it out. It unfortunately rained that morning so most of it was too wet and slippery but we still have fun.

 Ryder enjoyed trying to climb everything and give me heart attacks and eating sticks. The highlight for Delainey was probably finding a nickle. She was SO pumped.

 That afternoon my girlfriend Julia and Hayden came over for a great visit. Loved getting some itty bitty baby snuggles in.
Then we played in the rained a little. Sun showers are the best.

Delainey got an email from GG about her beautiful flowers and she was pretty darn excited.
{How cute is Ryder cooking away in the kitchen! ha}

That night I headed to a Surf Class.

Wednesday we met up with my girlfriend Carla for a visit and walk around the Reservoir with her 3 kiddos. Taking a break to throw rocks. Delainey loved walking with Troy and Laurel 

Popsicle Pete the no napper. ;) Too cool. {Top is from The Dancing Llama}

That night we went to Amici's for dinner. 2 for 1 pasta and the best fresh bread ever was a real hit with these two. They did SO good both ate a ton!

Thursday we met up with Nicole and her gang for a picnic and play at Bowness Park. We just dodged the rain on both ends so got super lucky. We had a good visit and the kids had lots of fun.

Seriously this kid and nature eating. He's impossible.

I tried Click & Collect at Superstore for the first time knowing I wouldn't have time to get groceries and it was amazing. I ordered it all the next day and scheduled pick up for right after the park. Everything was spot on. Produce was great and best before dates met Justin's standards. 

That night Auntie Jolie joined us for dinner! She loves our 2 so much and we love her just as much. 

I put Ryder to bed while Delainey gave Auntie a full sleeve of stickers. :)

Friday being Canada Day we headed out to the Mountains for a hike with Leigh and her family to Elbow Lake. We did this hike about a year ago and it was SO much easier this time not being pregnant! I remember last time not being able to breath the whole way up.

 ^ They are holding hands! 

It's not a long hike but it's a steep walk at times. But it's SO worth it when you get to the top. Cruz and Harley enjoyed a couple swims.

There are communal fire pits so we had a hot dog roast before walking back down.

  ^ D and my tops are from Live Love North

After baths were had we got ready for some play time before BBQ time.

Water balloon fun!

After dinner we took a bike ride to the park before bed.

Saturday Justin headed out for his ride with Brian and I packed the kids for a trip to Millarville Market with Whit and her kids. I had never been and it's such a cool market - lots to buy and indulge in for sure. We had a great time even if all 4 of our kids all seemed a wee bit crazier than normal!!

After naps we worked out and then hit the back yard as per usual!

Just climbing the slide no biggie.

Sunday morning I headed out to a surf class {I love these classes} and then we ran a few errands.

Then Justin took us for ice cream. Surf Set is 4 doors down from DQ so I am always SO tempted to pick up treats after class but hadn't caved yet! ha
Ryder's first back of the Xterra ice cream experience. 

Justin has been wanting to get the kids ball hats for a while now so we finally bought some. Matching Daddy's since technically they have both been to NY. And I liked them because they go with everything, Now their heads need to grow a wee bit!

^ Shorts and tee are The Dancing Llama too

Hopscotch practice after our walk.

Justin and D made an incredible pizza for dinner and that was it.

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Bex said...

Looks like a fun week/weekend. I'm jealous of your hammock. I want one! Love the matching hats too!

Jen Linton said...

I'm jealous of just about everything!! Haha. Love your busy schedule- I want one!

Leigh said...

You guys had a great week/weekend! Thanks again for the hike. It was fun, minus the crying child. Who brought her? ;) Would it be weird if I just came over and hung out in your hammock?

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Love the hammock! I've always wanted one too. Does it attach to a stand? Again, big fan of the matching hats! Those were my souvenir gifts to my boys when I was in NYC :) But I ended up having to exchange Sully's original flat brim one to a regular one as it just fits better.