{Ryder: 9 months}


9 months. I'm not quite sure how that happened but as it did with Delainey - every month and every moment gets better and better. As sad as I am {a little} that my babe is already so big and getting so independent - he is SO fun and SO sweet. He has the best smile {those dimples & cheeks!} and is really such a happy baby. He gives some pretty awesome wide open mouth sloppy kisses and every now and then treats us to the best cuddle ever. I LOVE how he crawls super quick to the back door when Justin comes home giggling the whole way and how he smiles when he sees me after I finish putting Delainey to bed.
He makes every day better and I've said it before but he completes our family in the most perfect way. I still look at our 2 kids and remember a conversation Justin and I had in the depths of our fertility treatments and saying how he and Cruz were enough and our lives would be perfectly happy and full just the 3 of us. And now we have this little tribe of 5 and not 1 measly day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars. And the fertility clinic. ;)

{What's new?}
He has popped 1 tooth and we've seen #2 but it's shy! And he wants to walk so badly. 

^ Moccs c/o Posh Panda

As always bowties from Will & Co

{Weight & Height}
27.5 inches

^ Bibdana c/o Bean and Boo

Eating food. Mom.
Water table, the lake, the bath.
Being near and watching Delainey. 
Cruising furniture, standing, walking with walker or our hands, climbing the stairs. 
Playing with toys, messy play
Slides and swings. Playing at the park.
Trying to pull out night lights and cords out of the wall. Eating rocks, dirt, sticks - everything we would prefer him not put in his mouth. Pinching my arm when he nurses.

He takes 2 naps a day one around 8:30am and then other around 1:30pm. He'll sleep for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours there is really no rhyme or reason. He goes to bed by 7:30 and then is up between 4:30-6:00am. 

{Feeding & Eating}
He is still nursing 4-5 times a day but is fine if he misses one. Eats all meals with us and boy of boy can he eat!
He loves all food. There is nothing he has turned away yet and put pretty much takes everything down that we give him. We are letting him feed himself and he does great. I give him a bowl of baby oatmeal at dinner time because when I started this he stopped waking up in the night. ;) Now I am scared to stop. Ha. 

{Diaper size & Clothing}
Size 3 Kirkland Brand - crazy that he is in 3s and D never wore anything bigger than 3s. 
6-12 months for the most part. Other than some shorts that are 0-6 months.

Having his diaper changes. He is like a Houdini trying to get out of the ordeal.
Getting dressed. Almost as bad as diaper changes.
Being tired.
Cutting teeth.
When he wants up and I am in the middle of something.
When he wants to "play" with Delainey or with what Delainey is playing with and she is having no part in it.

Oh Ry guy we love you so ridiculously much and we are just so darn lucky you are ours. 
Now SLOW down love.

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Bex said...

Such a little stud. Can't believe he's going to be one in just a few short months!!