{week+end rewind}

Monday again?! I can't complain we had an amazing weekend. Rewind back to last week first though...some highlights.
After chatting with a friend about the Child Minding at Vivo {Cardel Place's new name} I got all brave and dropped the kids off for the first time ever. I did a Stacked HIIT class {Raise the Bar} which is the same as the classes I used to do there with my Mom all the time.
Delainey loved it and Ryder didn't fuss at all and explored the entire time - other than the last 10 minutes he wanted to be held. I had fully prepared myself not to get a workout in and get called back up there so I was pretty proud of my two. And got in an awesome workout.

Afternoon walks picking pretty flowers.

Tuesday Gramma Debbie came to hangout with the kids so I could go to the Graduation ceremony at New Heights and take photos as I always do. It was exciting to see these grads so pumped for their big day and of course nice to see my co-workers and all the students {most of which are taller than me now}. 

Making muffins together.

Tuesday night I went to another Surf Set class with Nicole. This one was Barre inspired which was extra tricky on the board but such a good workout. I really love these classes.

Wednesday we met up with Whit, East and Fin for a walk, play at the park, picnic and to celebrate East's preshool graduation.
These two are the cutest. Delainey was always saying "hold my hand East" and he is just the sweetest with her. The sweetest in general.

Wednesday night Ryder and I went to watch Emerson's ballet recital at the University. It was extra cute and she did so awesome! Such a great Puddle Jumper!

Thursday we had our last Intellidance Class. Quick play at the park before hand.

Gramma Debbie came to watch {meaning participate} - Miss Mel doesn't allow "watchers" you have to participate and be a good role model. :)

That afternoon after our attempted nap we had a tea party while Ryder actually napped. It was pretty fun and she was so excited.

Park time on our afternoon walk.

He loves so much when she pushes him!

Friday we got groceries and then found another new park to check out.

Backyard time after NAPS - yes my no napper finally napped for me. :)

She has this new thing where she says "say strawberry" instead of say cheese. 

And look at this - in a good mood in the afternoon and Cruz walking with a slack leash?! What.

That night after dinner we went for a bike ride to the park as her reward for being a good listener and having a nap.

Saturday morning I went to a Surf Set class. This one was a Burn class and that it did. I love how different each class is.

Once I got home we headed out to the zoo.

"Say strawberry" to ALL the animals!

We saw the Rhino going for a swim!! Totally picture worthy.

Ryder's first carousel ride! Delainey was so proud of take him.

Afternoon snack necklace making! ToodleO's for the win. Way healthier than fruit loops but not quite as fun - I know.

 Saturday night Justin and I watched Everest. It was a really good movie but obviously very sad. And I just do not see the appeal in climbing a mountain like Everest - it looks awful.

Sunday morning Delainey woke up with a very runny nose. She would sneeze and it was not pretty! Poor thing. 
The weather wasn't cooperating either so poor Justin didn't get to go for his bike ride on Father's Day - and wouldn't you know it the weather was decent all day. He was not happy about this! ;) We loved having him all to ourselves though!
We ran errands in the morning so Delainey was guaranteed a nap {always sleeps in the truck}.
We took turns running into places and then drove around looking at houses {mainly landscaping}.

Justin took the kids for a walk while I tried to lay down as Ry has been getting up at 4am lately WIDE awake and it was catching up with me. I wish I could nap.

After the youngest and oldest family members napped we played in the backyard until we made dinner. Meaning Justin BBQd a delicious Father's Day dinner. ;)

Father's Day photo! :) WE love this man.

My Dad was having a relaxing weekend for Father's Day up at the lake. HA HA Just kidding. He was competing in a Triathlon and came in 10th Overall. He's pretty amazing and we love him so much.

And that's a wrap!

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love all the outdoor time! I need to take my kids to the park this week! I've been slacking!

I hope I can find time to take different SurfSet classes. I like Pulse but it would be good to try a different one too! My legs were so sore on Wednesday night/Thursday!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't nap either unfortunately, which is tough when you are so exhausted. Sometimes I will start to nod off while reading but as soon as I put the book down, I'm wide awake and unable to nap. So annoying! I'm glad your kids did some napping for you this week, though! Those surf set classes sound awesome! I can't wait to be further along in my recovery and able to do classes again. My workouts are just so lame right now compared to what I used to do, but I'm trying really hard to be patient.

Ashley said...

Those Surtsey classes look soo neat! I have got to get back on board with working out again, I am starting to feel more ready and less tired lol. Is that the baby niche braided headband? Is it adjustable? Love how Ryder is watching J on on the swing! Too cute!! I don't know how you do it with no naps.. That is my serious downtime for the whole day haha. Silly kids!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Those workout leggings are so pretty!

Bex said...

Sounds like such a great week. I love that you've been getting out of the house for more fitness classes and that the kids did so well in child minding!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a great weekend, I wish we had the parks you guys do...we have nothing - boo!

Leigh said...

You guys had a great week + weekend! Glad the kids did well in the gym daycare :)

Whitney Cowan said...

Looks like such a fun week!! We love our dates with you guys!!