{week + end rewind}

I feel like I was JUST doing a week and weekend rewind post!?! Ether way our weekend was great. But rewinding back to the week. We didn't get up to anything exciting as we all had a bit of a cold. Thankfully it didn't slow the kids down or bother them too much at all. It seemed to come and go all week so it was kind of annoying more than anything. 

Cruz spent most of the day wearing star stickers. Thank you Delainey.

Just doing a little modeling in his spare time. ;)

Side walk chalk fun...

The cement was too cold for her to lie on without the blanket. Oi. But she was excited to text this to Justin.

Our neighbors invited us over to play before naps. They have a cool sprinkler system on the fence. Delainey of course didn't get one inch of her wet. ;)

Bike ride to the park after dinner.

Took a quick trip to Costco as we needed to do something and some one needed diapers. ;) Then pretty much enjoyed the backyard.

I went to Surf Set in the evening and loved it as always.

We checked out a couple new parks.

One was brutal so we found another one that was a hit with both kids. Ryder is a climbing machine so loved the freedom this park. We left and there was not an inch of him clean!

Afternoon walks.

Wearing beads. ;)

Pretty flowers and happy rocks. We have  A LOT of happy rocks.

Wednesday night Jeff and Jolie came over for dinner as they were seeing a house SO close to us. I'm so sad it didn't pan out. ;( But so nice to get visit with them when they are in our area looking.

We ran a couple errands and I don't even know what else!

Big sister tickles!

Fun with Daddy!

We took a trip to the Splash Park near us. It was really quiet and a nice size for Delainey. The weather was warm but not scorching sun which was perfect.

She was very unsure of this place.

Took her a long time to even get her toes a bit wet. Ryder on the other hand took off crawling and before I knew it was underneath a huge shower and he couldn't care less. And was soaked!

She was pretty proud of herself when she slightly touched the water. ;) ha

Nap time shenanigans.

After nap time I mentioned to D that it looked like it might rain...rain boots time!

Early mornings. Delainey did not wake up happy or cooperative so Justin took her to get a few groceries to get her out of the house. Thank goodness.

This is her "cake" she makes daily and uses all the pieces. And screams every time Ryder gets near.

She wanted KD for lunch until I showed her I bought the ABC kind. We played with it until the water boiled and then  pretty much broke her heart when I told her we were cooking it to eat it. SO we made a different box.

Justin went on a brewery tour with Brian Saturday afternoon to Toolshed Brewery which was part of his Father's Day gift. He really enjoyed it and sure sounded interesting. We also now have a full beer fridge. ;)

This guy was awake before his sister so we cuddled which looks more like wrestling. :)

Actual wrestling once this one got up.

That evening Gramma Debbie came over to have dinner with the kids so we could go out for dinner for an early Anniversary. We went to Cibo {delicious} and then Made by Marcus for dessert {even more delicious}. I can't wait to go back and try every flavor.

We had a really nice night out. I so appreciate the times we get to sneak out for a few hours together.
We got home in time to put the kids to bed and then watch a bunch Car Pool Karaoke that Justin just introduced me to. It's so darn funny.

In the morning I headed out with Ryder and Leigh to drive to Red Deer for a blogger brunch with some awesome ladies. I took zero photos. FAIL.
Brunch was insanely good and so much food! Ryder enjoyed almost an entire pancake to himself along fruit and bacon. It was nice to catch up with everyone again and see the kids. Thank you again Lindsey & Becky for organizing.

While we were gone Justin and Delainey had a play date with Brian and Amelia at the mall. Ha

When we got home Delainey immediately wanted to go outside. She told me to take pictures of our flowers to show GG. So here you go GG. Delainey diligently waters them daily.

Justin headed out to Bragg to go for a ride with Brian since the weather cleared up so us kids played in the backyard, took Cruz for a walk and worked out.

Dancing and singing her own song. Man I love her.

And there we have it. Another week the flew by.

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Bex said...

So glad we got to see you this weekend. Funny that none of us took photos. Too busy eating all that food and wrestling kiddos!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

It was great to see you and Ry!! Now we need to get those little girls together :)

Gabriella said...

I love Cruz with the stickers on her, ha! Such a good dog! Ryder is just so handsome, and D's outfits are seriously the best. Happy Anniversary to you and Justin! Glad you got a night out to celebrate!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

You kept the red skirt! It looks so good on you! I can't believe not one of us remembered to take a group photo at brunch! #bloggerfail lol