{week + end rewind}

I wasn't sure if this post would ever get done. I actually have no idea how to get anything done with 2 kids who aren't napping. Something to work on. ;)
Anyways rewinding back...
Delainey & Cruz were at the lake so Ry & I worked out, ran errands, did laundry, played outside, and then I had girls dinner at Blanco Cantina. Thanks for the recommendation Jen it was delicious and you can't go wrong with good tacos.

^ Top from Surf Ninjas

 Tuesday we again did our workout, ran more errands {so much easier with just 1 kid in tow!!}, got groceries and I went to another surf class at Illume Hot Yoga before dinner. It was such an awesome class - totally different than the first one we did. This one we used weights and has a few cardio reps off the board. I signed up for 30 days unlimited to hope to get in a few classes a week.

Wednesday Delainey and Cruz came home in the morning so we had lunch with my Mom and Dad before they ran a few errands or had appointments. We spent time in the backyard. Our go to spot when the kids boycott naps.

Delainey had a surprise package waiting for her from Ivana over at Nene and Bambino and she was pumped. A new necklace and adorable play camera!

Thursday we had Intellidance. She always waits on this wall so she can see the preschool down the hall.

Another gorgeous day so backyard, chalk and ravine runs.

Friday the kids and I met up with Nicole and her 2 at the market for coffee and play time at the playground. It was nice to catch up with Nicole while the kids had fun. When we got home we spent some 

^ We won these leggings and I was letting Delainey choose which print she wanted she immediately wanted these kitty cat ones for Auntie Jolie and June she said. As soon as she arrived she found June on leggings. And she has put them on every day since they arrived! 

We painted and made a birthday card for Gramma. My pretty "I'm sorry our kids don't sleep" flowers from my thoughtful husband. :)

Delainey FINALLY napped on Friday and Ryder was fighting his as usual so when he finally fell asleep on me I savored every minute of it.

Saturday morning.

I was heading out the the Little Modern Market with Ryder so Delainey and Daddy spent the morning together. She dressed for the occasion. ;)

The market was great, such a lovely venue, cute vedors and you got a complimentary mimosa on arrival = perfection. I picked up a couple things for Ryder {shorts from Bear & Roo & shoes from Parker & Posie}, a gift for baby Hayden {from Jacob Grace Design} and met some of the awesome ladies I have worked with along with meeting other. I got to hangout with Christy and Ellie a bit also met Tawnya in person finally! I just wish we had more time to visit - next time! :)

Ravine walks have turned into photography sessions. She takes this camera very seriously and it's so cute.

Then we had family play time in the backyard and lots of fun was had!

 ^ His new shorts and shoes in action!

These photos popped up in my google photos reminding me they were 1 and 2 years ago so of course. photos were taken
D 1 year ago and on Saturday - same dress. 

D 2 years ago and Ry - same shirt!

 Making rocks happy.

That night Justin and I watched How to be single. We definitely laughed. It was funny!

We also cracked a bottle of Grey Monk from 2 summers ago - thank goodness it was still delicious. And we stayed up far too late {for people who have kids who wake before 6am} playing Nerts. For the record. I won. As usual.

Sunday morning crankster painting in one of my hats. ;)

Justin headed for his bike ride with Brian so we made brownie cupcakes for Gramma's birthday and then walked to the Book Bus! It was cool and Delainey loved it - the only thing that was silly was most of the kid books and all the board books were on the top shelf!

Quick playground trip until it got too much as her new sandals are not good for rocky playgrounds.

This is what Delainey did to her room while I tried to get her no napping brother down. So we spent a lot of time cleaning her room. Oi. I also cleaned the house with a crabby Ryder on my hip and prepped dinner for Gramma Debbie to come over for her birthday.

Backyard time & a workout saved us until Daddy got home. 

We had delicious dinner that Justin BBQd and then it was bedtime for all!! And thank goodness that that. :)

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Bex said...

I think there must have been something in the air the last few days because it seems like everyones kiddos have been super cranky!! Mine included.

Jen Linton said...

Yup mines been a beast too! What's the book bus??

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great week and weekend! Minus the no napping kids of course ;) I meant to ask you how the market was. Love the idea of painting rocks

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You guys keep busy! I am finally sending Avery off for a weekend wither her grandparents to camp! I am hoping she goes a couple times this summer so we get some time with just C, I always feel she is neglected!
Oh man you are amazing with the no naps, I would have a meltdown I am sure, Avery has been testing the waters on no naps some days and I actually think she might just play in her dark room for hours and not sleep some days!
I loved How to be Single too!
D's room looks like what A did today when I was feeding Chloe - those girls of ours!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That was sweet of Justin to get your "I'm sorry our kids don't sleep" flowers! I hope that they start napping more for you so you feel a bit less exhausted!! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend despite the lack of sleep, though!