{week + end rewind}

We had such an awesome weekend that I really didn't want it to end but let's first rewind back into the week. Some highlights included:
Monday I finally got to meet my girlfriend Julia's little man Hayden who was born 6 weeks early. He's still a little peanut and a great snuggler. He seems so tiny yet is wearing one of the sleepers I lent her of Ryder's and it doesn't seem that long ago I packed it up.

Tuesday we headed to my work for the talent show. I was amazed and so proud of all of the students for getting up there and showing off their talents. This is Colton playing guitar. I started working with him when he was 4 years old and it took us half the year to slowly have him participate/watch gym class with the rest of the students and now he's 16 and playing guitar in front of the school. What a guy. He also towers over me. ;)

From there we headed to the Airplane park in the Currie Barracks. It was a huge hit with both kids! We definitely will go back soon with a picnic lunch!

Many afternoons spent outside as the weather was so nice!

Doing laps of the backyard.

Hide & seek spot. Nailed it Delainey.

Wednesday we went to check out another preschool for Delainey for the fall and then went to a park I spotted while driving in Panorama a few weeks ago.

It too was great but I hate the little rocks. Ryder can't crawl around it in and just wants to eat it. 

Baby treadmill - he just kept trying to crawl up!

D was excited there was a lake at the park! Throwing rocks.

Thursday was a day I was glad ended better that it started. It was pretty terrible as I mentioned last week. We thankfully had Intellidance to get out of the house and then got groceries. D of course didn't nap. Until walk time. ;)

So Ryder posed for me. Delainey got some bows from Lovies & Locks and she included some bowties for Ryder! :) Looking all cute for Easton's birthday party.

Until he went for a swim in Ryder's water bowl 10 minutes before we left. :) It just wasn't my day. 
THANKFULLY we were running late so it turns out Justin got home before we left so he joined us!
Delainey had a blast at Easton's birthday party and loved that Justin was there to join her - she was a bit too short for some of the climbing so appreciated the Daddy boost.
We had fun celebrating East, eating pizza and cake and wearing Start Wars masks!

Friday morning we got up, worked out and cleaned the house and the kids and Cruz and I hit the road for the lake. Justin chose to stay home - he went riding twice and tackled some of his to do list.
While I was packing my bag Ry was on the bed reading with Delainey and decided he was tired. ;)

The kids were awesome travelers for me so we didn't even stop. I enjoyed my Starbucks and sang Taylor Swift all the way.
Fun Fact: Taylor has enough songs to get me to the lake and home. ;)

Didn't take us long to get into bathing suits and enjoy the perfect lake day. Cruz was in the lake before I had both kids unloaded!

He's a ham.

Watching the choo choos from the pier.

Driving with Pa. She's very good at the horn and Pa taught her to accelerate this time! :)

"Going for a ride"

Friday night Jeff and Jolie arrived and we had a late dinner with them and Nana. The kids took turns being up but finally both of them went down and we had a decent night sleep wise {we are all in the same room}.

Saturday morning was beautiful even at 6:30am. Watering Ma's flowers.

We had a great day: went to the market, hot dogs at the fire hall, enjoyed the sun while the kids {ok only Ryder} napped, lots of playing and pool time.

 ^ New monster hat from Nana - Delainey chose the color and face.

 Always after everyone's drinks!

Delainey had a new little friend who lives next door who is 3 so they had fun together throwing rocks and playing on the slide.

Delainey swining with Ryder and kept saying "I gotcha Ry. It's ok, I gotcha".

Pa & Ryder

Auntie and D with their matching pony tails!

 Saturday night we had a nice family dinner with Nana, Uncle Ken and Auntie Cathy. So nice to spend time with everyone.

Sunday mornings. :)

Sunday we had a visit with the Thomas's so D played with Kaley and Syndey before I packed up Ryder and we hit the road back to Calgary. D and Cruz got to stay an extra few days with Ma and Pa and they will come home tomorrow.

Such a perfect lake weekend!!

Ryder wasn't the best traveler from Sylvan on so we stopped in Red Deer for a quick snack and iced coffee for me and then made the trek home. We were happy to see Daddy when we got home and had a nice dinner with him and then once Ry went to bed Just and I sat out on the deck for a drink and then called it a night!

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Bex said...

Aw you need to text me next time you stop in RD so I can come buy you a coffee for the rest of your drive! Looks like an AMAZING weekend at the lake. That airplane park looks so fun! Liam would love it.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I.agree with Becky ;) Such an awesome weekend at the lake! Love your bathing suit too.
I'm jealous of all your great parks in Calgary!

Murdock's mama said...

Fun week!!

Katie said...

i can't believe preschool!! addi is going in the fall and I can barely handle it! you look amazing and I want your lake :) can we come?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That airplane park looks amazing! I'll have to stop there next time we are in that area.

We stopped going to the park for awhile when Leo wasn't walking yet because he just wanted to crawl everywhere and would get disgustingly dusty from the gravel.

Sounds like a great week+end! Your friend's baby is so tiny!

Gabriella said...

What a fun week! The lake looks so beautiful! I love your suit. Where did you get it from?

Leigh said...

Amelia used to love trying to crawl up the slide too. It's hilarious to watch! Glad you guys had a great time at the lake :)