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I don't think I mentioned that we did choose a preschool for Miss D and we are all pretty excited about it. She will go 2 afternoons a week for 2.5 hours - I will take her once a week and Gramma Debbie will take her the other day when I am working {I will go back to work min October my usual Monday, Tuesday every 2nd Wednesday}. It's in our community so I could walk to pick her up with Cruz & Ryder as it only takes 10 minutes. I think it's a great program and know it will really benefit her.

Energy Balls.

Delainey and I made my go to energy balls the other day for a healthier snack and I have absolutely no self control when it comes to them. They are so delicious - try them if you dare. ;)

Being a parent is hard.

I would say I am a pretty patient person but Delainey had been testing my {our} patience to the limits lately and it's no fun. Yesterday afternoon was HARD. She needs her naps {it's not just ME that needs them} she is a bear by 3pm if she doesn't nap. Especially when she is up before 5am to go potty and often doesn't go back to sleep AND fights bed time. 
But come nap time she will not stay in her bed. Other than tying her to her bed I feel like we have tried everything.
So yesterday after another day of her tearing her room apart {because I finally locked her door} and then her emptying her entire closet and more that I don't need to get into...I got a garbage bag and striped her room. No books, No "friends". No toys. We took the handle off her closet so no more multiple outfit changes during nap time.
And then I cried while she bawled. 
{And Ryder screamed in his crib because fighting naps is apparently the thing to do around these parts}
But she still she didn't nap.
She went to bed with no books and no friends and I cried again. 
I have no idea what to do or what not to do at this point. But man alive I love that girl I just wish she would listen and stay in her bed. End rant.

Dear Justin:

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh man Alison! You are amazing. 100! more patient than me. I wish I lived closer to bring you wine for sleep struggles!

Leigh said...

That's exciting that you picked a preschool! I bet Delainey is going to love it. Oh man, being a mom is freaking hard isn't it?!

Ma and Pa said...

Dad and I sure wish we could help you out with those 'darling' non nappers. If only we knew what has got into them? Is this the same little girl who hardly touched a thing that she shouldn't?!?!

Jen Linton said...

Love the bat sign! Tyler's bringing me some tonight because we're treading similar waters!

Nikki said...

Oh girl I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with D not napping! Not fun! Remember it's a season. I know that's probably not what you wanna hear right now but this to shall pass!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, the non-napping sounds awful. I would have cried, too. I hope that this phase is behind you guys soon. You'd think she'd pass out from exhaustion!!!

Have a great weekend - hope the kids nap for you!!

Ashley said...

So Wednesday was apparently don't listen day.. We could have swapped notes on pushing limits! I totally had mom guilt by the end of the day and wondered what I was doing wrong and how I could communicate better... I'm looking at putting Noah in daycare come Sept or January. Just a day a week or two mornings I think. Hope you have a better weekend! Wish we could drink wine together!!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That shirt is adorable! She's the cutest!

Bex said...

Oh girl. Big hugs to you. There is always something isn't there? It's so so so so hard when they fight naps like that. It's that point where I'd load Liam into the car and drive around with him while I cry out of frustration and he usually will always fall asleep. Hang in there!