{Small Shop Love: Canada Day Edition}

Happy Friday and HAPPY CANADA DAY!
After snapping a bunch of photos of my 2 favorite kids one day I realized how many amazing small shops were captured in these images. So decided why not share them all together on Canada Day because they are all Canadian!! Good idea Alison.

Like I said - all 5 shops are Canadian. 
Toronto : Nanaimo : Lethbridge : Strathmore : Calgary
All 5 shops are run by busy & incredible Moms who some how have time to run very successful small businesses from their homes. Some work other jobs along with parenting full time to 2 if not 3 kids. 
Some days I put Ryder's moccs in the dishwasher and empty tupperware in the fridge. I also recently gave my Aunt the pin to my debit card when trying to give her the code to our garage.
Just sayin'. 

Delainey actually put this outfit together all by herself and I just kinda LOVE it and may try and recreate it to twin her.

{Sandals are Wal-mart. It only took her 2 weeks to decide she would wear them and that was only after Dad offered to help her put them on - not Mom}

This headband is our new favorite. We have 2 colors {probably need the other 8 and the double braid ones too} as they are on rotate. They stay in perfectly, keep her hair out of her face and I love how they look. They were a bit big on her so we tied a little knot in the back and they are perfect {and will last her a long time}! She has SO many different styles of clips too that we just love. The little leather knot clips are the best and cutest pop of color.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Ninja - LOVE all the Surf Ninja tees!! After the postal strike is over the kiddos will be getting matching Playground Ninja tees because they are just TOO perfect for my playground loving kids. All are super gender neutral and just so unique and fun.

She wears this kimono all the time. She calls it her long coat and lets just say this is the cutest outfit she's put together with it. Paired with jammies or a tutu isn't the best look for it but she loves it - and so do I. I can't say enough about how much I love these kimonos though. I own 2 and wear them a lot and always get compliments on them. She has SO many new ones that are just gorgeous.

On to the boy!

What's not to love about this love muffin in his dino pants!! They are super soft but also durable for a boy who crawl around everywhere and it attracted to mud like this older and furry sister. They are made with stretchy jersey cotton with bamboo rib knit for the cuffs. She makes the cutest rompers and shorts too in some seriously awesome prints. Delainey is also super excited every time he wears these.

Parker & Posie shoes have been some of our most favorite shoes since Delainey was a baby. They stay on and are perfect for everyday wear. Even now Ryder wears them sometimes without socks if it's really hot. They hold up so well for crawlers and are nice and grippy on the bottom {suede} for standers & walkers. I throw them in the wash and dryer and they come out perfectly. I can't even tell you how many pairs Jaimie has made us!! And I love that she is local to Calgary and just the sweetest in person too.

I love that this top is one of Delainey's favorites. She will often choose his outfit now too {I am slowing losing all control} and picks this top {and these pants} all the time. The other day I walked in as she was tossing shirts over her shoulder and asked what the heck she was doing and she replied "looking for Ry's 'tuptake' shirt. It's my fav".

All of these items are perfect for everyday wear for toddlers and babes! They are extremely well made, unique, trendy and extra cute!

We sure love them! :)
Be sure to follow along on their social media too:
* Some of them have some special Canada Day deals*

Surf Ninja

Little Rad Jack

Urban Cowgirl

The Baby Niche

Parker And Posie

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