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  It excites me how many incredible Canadian shops there are out there that are so unique and run my hard working parents. This shop from Vancouver, BC is just that. They have cute organic tee for little ones with fun sayings and photos  - all gender neutral. Something extra special about this shop is that for every shirt they sell they donate $1 to a certain charity.

 Michelle sent the kids each a tee and Delainey just happened to be in a really silly mood so was happy to have her photo taken immediately upon opening the package! Most importantly she wanted her photo taken with Ry.

Ryder is wearing a Killing It With Kindness tee in 6-12 months. See size chart here.


Delainey is wearing a Game Changer tee in a 2T.

Delainey is drawn to tops with words I have realized lately and is always asking what things say. 

Such a cute shirt and I adore the saying on it. And kinda perfect for our grinning guy. 

 Each one of their shirts are hand screen printed with custom designs inspirited by their love for travel, adventures and their son. They are uber soft and fit the kids just right! Plus I love that they are black and white and go with anything. Especially now that Delainey puts together all her own outfits. :)

They seriously have a HUGE selection of amazing tee & sweatshirts - something for every kids personality (or their parents!) And now you can SHOP shop SHOP using the code ourlifeandtimes to get 25% off for the next week!

Be sure to stalk them on Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest too! :)

And a couple outtakes! :) Because these two crack me me.

<Thank you again Michelle>

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Bex said...

Such cute photos!

Ashley said...

Love the pic of them on the rocking chair!! Soo cute!!