{Frock Box: Take 4}


I just received my June Frock Box - I thought I cancelled but I like surprises! :) So I figured I better share!
Check out how Frock Box works HERE as well as my first box. And check out my 2nd and 3rd boxes too. ;) All of my pieces are size Small. The great thing about Frock Box is you personalize it to you 100%.  They know all your measurements including how tall you are and will send you pieces that fit and that suit your fashion personality.

Item 1: Black Dress with lace top and back - Not sure on the price point of this as it wasn't on my list of items - another top was.
I like this dress a lot - it was was a simple maxi dress in grey with really black pretty lace detail. It had a high slit up the one leg and open lace back so not just your ordinary maxi dress! I did find it a bit short on me even in flats and I think it would look best with some high hedges. I was torn on this dress but the more I tried it on the more I found it was just a little too short.
Verdict: Return

* Would wear it with a different bra.

Item 2: Pale Blue Tank with Crochet Back - $39
I really love this tank. It's simple but so pretty and I love the back detail. An easy top to throw on with the kids for errands or a play date but still pretty. It's more of a grey than blue to my eye so really goes with everything and I could wear it to work.
 Verdict: Undecided - thoughts?

Item 3: Coral Blouse with Gold Shoulder Detail - $49
I was drawn to the color of this top for sure but it was really nothing special on me. I liked the gold detail and the back was kind of sheer so really pretty. It was nice light and flowy for summer though and would be great for work. 
 Verdict: Return

Item 4: Blue Ikat Pattern Jogger Pant - $49
I really like these pants and the print especially. They are light cotton so perfect for summer evenings and the bottoms have a small zipper you can unzip for a bit more of flared leg. I didn't love where they fit at the waist, they were kind of high waisted on me so I was always adjusting them.
Verdict: Return



Item 5: Red Swing skirt - $39
I received this same skirt last month in a colorful print and a little bit of a shorter cut. I will say I like this one more - it fits nicely and I like the length more and the color is very bright and cheery. It's different than anything I have in my skirt collection already.
Verdict: Undecided - thoughts?

I most definitely recommend Frock Box. I have loved all the pieces I have kept from them and just love the whole experience. They are all really good quality items and unique pieces. Give them try! PS. And remember they are Canadian!!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I would keep the tank top and the skirt! The tank is so cute and I love the detail on the back. And that skirt is so cute on you - much better than the one you received last month! Although, if you don't think you'll get enough use out of the red skirt to warrant keeping it, I'd send it back. But it sounds like you'd get a lot of use out of the tank!

Ashley said...

I'd keep the skirt, but the tank price seems steep to me, but looks good!!

Jen Linton said...

Nay on the tank but yay on the skirt!!!

Bex said...

Ok I LOVE that dress, pants and skirt. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt. You should definitely keep it.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that skirt, keep for sure!

Leigh said...

Love the skirt! Such a pretty colour and fits great. I like the back of the tank, but the front is just kinda blah. And not for $39. That's just me though

Kaella Carr said...

I LOVE the skirt!!!!!

Whitney Cowan said...

ALL of it is SO cute on you!! The only one I didn't know about was the cream tank, but then I saw the lace back and it was adorable. Well done ;)

Amber said...

Oh I LOVE those jogger pants on you! I think I am going to ask for some of those in my next frock box. I really need more bottoms for my new job. Now that I work for a Construction company I don't get to wear all my pretty dresses and skirts as much and am rewearing the same bottoms / jeans over and over and over....

Love the crochet top! I would vote keep. Such a perfect top for summer! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I hope you kept the skirt! I got that tank too and didn't love it on me but it looks great on you! It's a bit $$ for what it is though. The joggers are nice too!