{Delainey says}


It's been a while since I have done one of these posts and my "note" in my phone that I keep was getting long so it's time. I wish I would write down more because she cracks me up all day long.

Me: Alright Miss which shoes are you going to wear.
D: Not shoes Mommy, I wear sandals.
Me: Ok then which sandals are you going to wear?
D: No so many questions Mommy, it's too much for me.


{She has a thing with checking out Ry's poop when I change his diaper. I don't know.}
So I was changing his diaper and D peeked in and said "OH WOW. That's a good one. Good job Buddy I so proud of you"


Ryder was crying and being fussy at my feet while I was trying to get lunch and Delainey came over and said, "Dat's enough Ry you need a time out?"


D and I were playing outside while Ryder napped and she patted my head and said "I so happy you here wit me"


"Dat's a bad choice Ry" after he dumped Cruz's water bowl.


I told Delainey we would go get groceries and get more fruit bars that she asked for and she replied "Oh tank you Mommy you such a nice lady"


"I love you so much Mommy. And I love Daddy so much too"


We were going upstairs for nap time and gathering all her friends, she was carrying Kitty Kat and instructed me to pick up her others friends.
Me: No it's your job to carry them up if you want them upstairs I am carrying Ryder.
D: My hands are too full Mommy it's just too much work. I give you my job.


She started heading upstairs and then came back and said "I be right back Mommy don't worry bout it. Right back quick sec"


We had come home to Cruz had emptied the laundry room garbage. I obviously told her she was a bad girl because we then went out later in the dayfor our walk and saw the neighbor who pet Cruz and D said "Cruz is a berry berry bad girl"


She is obsessed with spotting buses and city buses and one day when we were out I told her that when she got to be a big girl she would go on a school bus and she replied with "Mommmmmy you so silly. D already big girl. Ry da baby"


Me: What are you doing putting all the book under the couch?
D: It's no important Mommy.


We were in the car and I was chatting away to Delainey about something and all of a sudden she said "Mommy stop talking. I just want quiet time"


We were painting Justin's Father's Day card and D said "Yeah I paint Daddy "pit"cher for special day cause Daddy so special. Daddy have lots of birthday too"


Me: No you need to get back into bed. You haven't even closed your eyes yet for a nap.
D: Yes I do Mommy. I close eye and so zzz zzz zzz zzz and now I no tired.


Mommy no walk so fast my feet so small and yours so big it's so hard for me.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh man!! So funny! I need to write things down to. They kill me with the things they say at this age. Avery has a thing 17th Chloe's poop too lol.

Ma and Pa said...

Oh my goodness... We had such a good laugh reading these. Keep them coming!!! I sure wish I had written some of yours and Jeffs down.

Bex said...

Soooo cute. I love reading the silly things kids say.

Rachel Steck said...


Leigh said...

These are awesome!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

"you such a nice lady" haha! These are precious!

Whitney Cowan said...

Awe she's such a love. So awesome to look back on these moments too!!

Nikki said...

Ha! Kids say the best things!

Carolyn said...

SO CUTE!!!!! :)

Laura said...

Love this!! I'm going to have to start a "Natalie says" feature as well, this is a good idea! I just got a quote book to write down kid's quotes, but I like this idea too (maybe even better)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I love these! You are so smart to keep track of these in your phone and do blog posts occasionally so you don't forget all the funny and cute things she says!!

Gabriella said...

This is too cute! It is so fun what they say at this age. I am going to for sure have to tell my sister to start keeping track of this when Chiara starts talking!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha awwww I loves these posts! The things they say!