How much fun Delainey and Cruz had at the lake with Ma & Pa. Thank you again for having them! Sorry she got up so early and hardly napped! ;)

Master Chef, Bachelorette & So You Think You Can Dance {and those kids can dance!!}. 

That Ryder slept all night last night. He was up from 3:30am on the night before and did not nap ALL day long yesterday. He fell asleep for maybe 10 minutes in the stroller and that's it.

Nana bought the kids these outfits in Mexico this winter and I LOVE that she found them matching ones. Delainey was pretty excited too even if she is sure it's a frog on it {it's a turtle}.

The time I had with just this guy for a couple days! It was nice to concentrate on just him. 


This new bracelet I got from Arae Jewelry is the best idea yet. It holds an elastic - something I always have on my wrist for when I need it. And now it actually looks nice! It comes in gold as well!

PS. It's so hot. I'm kind of melting. I'm going with that's why both of my kids aren't napping right now. ;)

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Bex said...

Ok I need that bracelet, I always have an elastic on my wrist too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I always have an elastic on my wrist, too, so I need a bracelet like that!

Whoa, your dad is so ripped!

The heat you guys are having arrived here today, and it's really humid, too, so it's very steamy outside! I'm glad we are heading to a lake resort for the weekend!!